The Dreams (The Hunter book 2)

The very well know vampire queen Gabby, continues her story. In this book she has to fully accept who she is in order to get the answer to the question only another queen can answer. She is plagued with strange visions telling her where to go and what to do. If she goes then she gets an answer to a question, but if she doesn't her questions become more in size and number. She has to find herself in the world and change the vampire kind to make them understand that she does what she does for good, not bad. She tries to help this race of people who have not been led for good. She has to help them survive.


18. Recollection of The Past

    “Wait, you don’t have a swim suit.” Ambrose said as I got to the falls. I stopped at the edge of the lake. I stood there like that for a little while. I waited for Ambrose to get caught up to me. I smiled at the feel of him behind me. I stepped away from him and started to strip out of my clothes. I turned toward Ambrose to see him doing the same. I jumped into the water and swam around. I felt Ambrose come up behind me. I swam away. He followed me. He caught me the seconded time.

    “You didn’t say it back.” He whispered in my ear. I felt him push my waist closer to him. I felt his mouth at my neck.

    “I didn’t say what back, my love?” I asked. I was a bit distracted with everything happening.

    “I didn’t hear you say I love you after I said it. If you want me to stay this close to you you have to say it.” He said and moved his mouth to my ear. I shivered and pressed against him harder.

     “Fine! I have never said the words but I will try. I-I-lo-lov-love-y-yo-you. Happy I managed to say it. I-lo-love-you.” I said stumbling over my words. He smiled at my attempts and kissed my neck. I shifted and faced him. I lifted his head and kissed his lips.

     “Sorry to interrupt, but this is important. I need to know the size of the dress.” Jasper said as he stood at the edge of the water looking at me and Ambrose. Ambrose growled.

     “Calm down. He has seen me naked before. Coming!” I called and headed to Jasper.

     “You are going to have to dry off and then come to try on the dress.” Jasper said and helped me out of the water.

     “Thanks, father.” I said and hugged him. I put my clothes on very aware that two people I know we're looking me up and down. I started to head back to the house with Ambrose and Jasper following after me. I smiled at there obvious stumble and rush to keep up with me. I put on the super speed and vanished from where they thought I was. I hid up in the trees. I saw them stop and look around.

     “Hello. I see you both like what you saw.” I said as I dropped behind them. They turned to see me land on my feet.

     “Now that is even better than what I taught you.” Jasper said and reached out to hug me. I stepped away from his grasp.

     “When did you learn to land like that?” Ambrose said and reached for me, and again I stepped away from the hands again.

     “You want your answers? Catch me if you can!” I laughed and ran back to the house. I knew that I was playing a silly little game with them.

     “Ambrose follow my voice.” I said as I saw him below me. He looked up and smiled then leaped to try to get me. I was back to the house before they even got there.

     “Shh. I am playing a game with them. They are still looking for me. I plan for them to keep playing for a while. I am in my home, they are going to play my game.” I said as I ran into the house and stopped as I saw everyone in the living room. I was soaking wet from the the swim. I smiled and ran again. I was in the shower washing off the from the falls when a knock came at the door.

     “Yes?” I asked. I was smiling and I let the person at the door know that through my voice.

     “Are you done getting rid of the falls yet? I still have to work on you dress.” Jasper called through the door.

     “Yup I will be out in a few.” I said and got out of the shower. I got dressed in a clean dress and walked out. I saw Ambrose look up and Jasper motion for me to follow him.

     “So what color would you like it to be? I was thinking that my little Dryad would go for forest green, but it is your choice.” Jasper held up a piece of forest green cloth. I nodded my head. The color looked just like the moss steps outside. He smiled and set the cloth down.

     Jasper begin to cut and snip and make it a dress.”How would you like it to look? I could make it look new. I could make it look like it was ripped out of the medieval time. What would you like to look like?” He asked and looked up from my waist. He was making sure that it fit perfectly around me.

     “Do the medieval time. That sounds interesting. But if you do that time would you make me a cloak to go with it? Like a cloak in this color, but yellowish on the inside with those same colored strings down the back?” I asked. He thought about it for a moment then nodded.

     “Okay then. But why the cloak?” He asked as he went back to making sure that the main part of the dress fit.

     “I just thought that it would look cool if we added a cloak instead of a veil. Just think about it. Can you see me wearing a veil?” I asked teasing. He looked up at me and smiled. I had never seen this part of him. I never knew that he could make this type of stuff. If I had I would have asked him to make so much more for me instead of me having to go shopping all the time for new things when they get rips in them.



     After hours and hours of him getting prefect measures he said that I could go. I smiled and hugged him after he got the pins and cloth off me. He set everything the same way it had been on me at his working table. He led me out of this room and down stairs to the others. Everyone was waiting to see me again.

     “You have been in there for three hours. Here you need something to eat.” Ambrose said  acting distressed and handed me a blood bag. I drained the bag and was handed another one. After three of those, one of each hour I was away from his side, I went back to the camp site.

     Ambrose and the others had followed me. I was guessing it was to watch over me. They watched me move through the Jungle with such easy they tried to mimic it. I laughed as they fell over their toes. They kept trying though. I caught Ambrose watching the way I was moving several times. I smiled at him each time, and kept moving.

     When I finally reached the old camp site I went in my tent and came out with my dad’s old knife and my very last stake that I made when I was human. I was really good at wood craving I couldn’t even see a flaw in it with my vampire eyes. I smiled at it. I broke off a piece of wood from a tree. I eyed it and the knife. I sat down in my tent and just started to crave a stake. Ambrose came in after a while and sat with me.

    “When was the last time you saw something so sharp in your life?” I asked him gloating at what I had made. I handed him the piece of wood that I had been working on. I was trying to get  it to cut me. My father always told me that if it cuts my skin with just a little force then it is good to go.

     “That is impressive. I didn’t know that you could do woodcraft or make something sharp that it cuts where it touches me.” He said and moved the sharp edge of the stake to the top. I saw a thin line of blood. I wanted to say that it shouldn't have cut him, it was no where near sharp enough to cut me.

     “Sorry. I didn’t mean to cut you. It didn’t cut me when I did it. So I kept making it sharper. It still has yet to cut me."

     “It is okay you didn’t mean to cut me.” He said staring at the line of blood on his hand. I grabbed his hand and watched  the cut as well. I lifted his hand up to my mouth, and pressed a kiss to his palm right where the blood was. I licked his hand clean. I felt his eyes watching me the whole time. When I raised my head from his hand I licked my lips to get the blood off of them.

     “There, all gone.” I said and looked at Ambrose. I moved before his hand could touch me. I got up and took my dad's knife with me as well.

     “I want to hid this where no one will ever find it. I hate this knife. It brings back memories I would rather not have.” I stated and walked out of the tent. Everyone got up from where they were sitting, waiting for me to come out I would guess. They looked at me and then at the tent as no noise cam from it after me..

     “Oh he isn’t dead. I could never kill him. I am going to go to the falls. Come with me, please. I want to show you where it is  that I went swimming.” I said and had everyone follow me. They looked at the falls the same way they did at my house here. The falls were just as pretty. I threw the knife upwards toward the middle of the lake. I watched the knife cut the water and drift down to the deepest part of this little lake. It was the only way I could thing of for no one  to get it. I can't even get down to the bottom of this even when I do try.

     "Sindy, I need to get you into the bridesmaid dress." Jasper said and pushed Sindy back to the house. She looked back at me with wide eyes. I had not told her yet, so that was the first time she was hearing that. I smiled at her.

     "Jasper, make it a light purple dress. She looks best in that color." I called after him. He nodded and smiled at that thought. This wasn't going to be a normal wedding. I made sure Ambrose called in someone to do the wedding ceremony. Sindy smiled back at me. I knew that her favorite color was light purple. It was the first thing I saw on her and she looked great in it.

     "So have you guys found what you are going to wear, or is Jasper going to be up all night making everything?" I asked and smiled as they laughed at what I had meant

    "Yes. Jasper is going to be up all night. He told me that I had to wear something green. Do you know anything about that, Gabby?" Ambrose asked. I shook my head and started back home. I made sure that William knew thought. I sent William a picture of the dress. He smiled brightly that I shared my thoughts with him. William don't tell Ambrose. He can't see the dress yet. I only showed you because I wanted someone to know the truth. I though to him. He nodded his head and zipped his lips shut with a fake zipper.

     "What? She shared what it is going to look like, didn't she? Will you tell me?" Ambrose asked as he noticed what William and I were doing. William shook his head and continued to walk on.

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