The Dreams (The Hunter book 2)

The very well know vampire queen Gabby, continues her story. In this book she has to fully accept who she is in order to get the answer to the question only another queen can answer. She is plagued with strange visions telling her where to go and what to do. If she goes then she gets an answer to a question, but if she doesn't her questions become more in size and number. She has to find herself in the world and change the vampire kind to make them understand that she does what she does for good, not bad. She tries to help this race of people who have not been led for good. She has to help them survive.


15. Home Again

    "Wake up. You're alright now, Gabby. Please open your eyes." I heard whispered in a familiar voice. I reached over, and kissed it. I kissed the voice. I knew that it was Ambrose. And I was more than happy to kiss his mouth. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders, and made his head stay right where it was. My eyes were still closed when I pushed back. That was my I-am-awake-kiss.

    "Okay, I think she is awake." I heard Eric say. I opened my eyes. And saw the Ambrose looked happy. And everyone else uncomfortable. I laughed at them. They shouldn’t be uncomfortable. They have seen us kissing and many others kissing so this should not be uncomfortable for them to watch.

    "I am sorry about using my powers on you. I made a promise to myself that I would never use that on you. But I needed to. It was the only way of getting you there to help me. Please forgive me." I said my voice went from love and happiness to serious and forgiveness. I wanted them to forgive me, because I hated the idea I used a power on them. I never wanted to. I didn’t even use my powers on my sister, because she is family. Or was family. Family doesn’t hurt you and tie you to a chair.

     "You are forgiven. It is us you need to forgive. We didn't kill your sister. She is down in the basement. Sindy is watching her. Please don't be mad at us." Eric said. I laughed at him.

    "You think I would be mad that you brought my sister in? No. I am glad. I need to talk to her. I need to know why she did what she did." I said. I got up and went to my sister after I checked to see if my cuts had been healed and cleaned. I was still hungry, before I went down to talk to my sister I got some more blood into me. Ambrose followed me. I hope that he didn't hear what I told my sister.

    I walked down the steps slowly and quietly. I walked right into the room. I told Sindy that I wanted to be alone with my sister. She bowed her head and left. I walked right up to my sister and tapped her shoulder. It was a dark room, but Immortals could see fine in it.

    "Sister, I am glad you made it." I said. I sounded like I was talking to a warm, welcomed house guest.

    "How can you see in here? It's too dark. Turn on a light!" She demanded.

    "Well you heard her, Ambrose. Turn on a light." I said to Ambrose. I saw him smile, and he flipped the switch. My sister gasped at where she was and who was in the room with her.

    "Gabby, who is this?" She said eyeing, my love. I made her face me and pay no attention to him.

    "He is mine! You will leave him alone." I said to her. I also heard a little laugh come from behind me. I smiled at that.

    "Okay! Now get your cold hand off my face!" She spit at me. I heard a growl slip for Ambrose.

    "It is okay, Ambrose. She is just mad that I have you and not her. She also thinks your pretty." I said looking at her.

    "How did you know that? Are you a mind reader or something?" She was really trying to get on my nerves. I liked it. It was fun this game of hers. I liked watching her play this game.

     "Well something would be right. You are getting closer." I said and smiled sweetly at her.

     "Let me go!" She yelled at me. I shook my head. I put my face next to her neck and bit. I just wanted a taste. And I wanted to hear her scream. And I did. She screamed.

     "Ambrose, have you ever tasted fear? If you haven't just try it. It to me taste great!" I said happily to him. He smiled and bit her.

     "Well you're right. I understand now why you like to kill people who are afraid of you. That is good." He said and licked his lips. I shook my head.

    "You can have some later. I will save some. But for now. I must talk to her. I have to explain myself like always." I said sadly. I sat down on the ground, and told the story of why I had to kill him. And the fact that I knew she was going to miss him. I had her explain what she meant by she saw me kill him. She had explained herself as well.

      When we finished she was scared to death about who I was after that fateful day I almost died, and came back. Ambrose kissed me when I left the room.

    "Just be nice. I love her a little bit. But she is a danger to us. So kill her, but do it fast. And then clean up, and come upstairs. I have something I want to tell everyone." I told him. His eyes got wide and he hugged me.

     "I will be swift, my love. Do not tell until I get there. I wish to see everyone's reaction." He said and kissed my head. I went out of the room and shut the door. I didn't feel like hearing her scream. I walked upstairs and changed into something a little more comfortable to tell everyone the news.

    "I would like to tell you all something. Meet in the living room." I said and walked to the living room. Everyone was very curious about what I could possibly have left to say.

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