The Unhealthy Heart || h.s au


After being kicked out at a young age, Elisa has finally rebuilt her life. That is until she answers a call from her Father, who she hasn't heard from since the day he and her Mother had kicked her out. She finds herself having no choice but to fly back home, to California, because of her Mom being in the hospital from a minor heart attack and stay with her father and sister in their new life they had built without her.
Lies are told, and secrets are uncovered all while a great bound between two very broken people is forming and they find themselves falling for each other.

© -copyrighted: Hailee M Sankey (HSxox_), 2014 - , Wattpad// Movellas (✔️HSxox_), one direction fanfiction// fiction// teen fiction// general fiction//

WARNING: Contains strong language, violence, sexual content, mentions of [using] drugs and alcohol, and suicidal thoughts and actions, and other things not suitable for readers under the age of 14.
Rated [R] for restricted


1. Chapter One: Plot

Thursday, February 19th, 9:52 PM


Leaning against the brick wall behind me I bring the cigarette up to my lips, breathing it in and then blowing it out. I have gotten off of work at the coffee shop ten minutes ago before coming outside for my last smoke before I head home. I watched as the cloud of white smoke flew through the air and disappeared. My whole body, clothes and all, were soaked from the rainfall. I sighed, finishing my cigarette and then throwing it to the ground, stepping on it with my foot. I walked to the opening of the alley looking left and then right to see if anyone was walking at this late hour of the night, pulling my hood over my head. I turned right, heading toward the smoke shop. I figured that I might as well grab some cigarettes for the bonfire tomorrow night so I don't run out before the night is over.

Jogging through the dimly lighted street-side I wrap my arms around myself to keep warm. Getting to the smoke shop, I pushed my body against the glass door to open it, a little bell connected to it ringing and signaling that someone has entered the store.

"Elisa!" His voice boomed throughout the quiet place, a couple heads turning to see who the young man was yelling at. They go back to their late-night shopping.

"Michael!" I smile, pulling my hood down and walking up to the front counter. He stood behind it looking down at me as I lean on my elbows against it, looking up at him and his dark hair. "Can I get two packs of Marlboro cigarettes, please?" I asked. He nods, pushing himself from the counter and walking off to grab the packs of smokes. I pushed my lips out, making a duck-face, and turned to look around the store. The place was run down, dirty, and didn't get many customers coming and going, but they did make enough money to keep it going. Thunder rumbles through the thin walls, the lights flickering off and then on again.

"Here you go," Michael's voice says from behind me. I turn back around to him, grabbing the two cigarette packages from him. I thank him, handing him a twenty dollar bill, and then head toward the door. My hand is on the door ready to push it open when Michael calls out to me. Looking back at him, I nod as a way to tell him to continue. "Are you going to the bonfire at Hailee's tomorrow night?" A smile breaks out on my face as I nod.

"Yes, I'm going. I am bringing the beer." I tell him.

He nods, wishing me a good-night. I wish him one back, pushing through the door and stepping back into the pouring rain, heading home.

Friday, February 20th, 3:00 AM


Grabbing my bag from the baggage area of the airport I walk off to the front doors. I have just gotten back from visiting with Aria and my aunt, Caitlin, and I was tired and just wanted to get home so I could go to bed. Walking out of the airport I walk over to my car that isn't park that far from the doors, unlocking it and climbing inside of it. I close the door, placing my small bag on the seat beside me, and then starting up the car. Putting on my seat-belt I pull out of my parking spot, driving out of airport parking. Yawning, I turn on the radio to keep myself from falling asleep. It's three in the morning and I need sleep.

It feels like forever before I am pulling into my driveway and shutting off the car. I grab my bag, stepping out of the car, slamming the door closed and locking it. Walking up to the front door of my place I unlock the door, stepping inside. I drop everything at the door, kicking my shoes off before stumbling my way to the bedroom, undoing my pants and pushing them down my legs, kicking them off and then pulling my t-shirt over my head. I flop down on the bed and I'm asleep in seconds.

8:00 AM


The beeping of my alarm on my phone wakes me up the next morning. I groan, flipping over onto my stomach and slide my finger across the screen to shut off the loud beeping. Sitting up, I throw the covers the covered me to the side, and get out of bed. Walking into the bathroom that's connected to my bedroom, I close the door, turning the water on for the shower, letting it warm up. I strip down from my baggy t-shirt and underwear, checking the water temperature to make sure it's just how I like it before pulling the curtain back and stepping inside, pulling it closed. The hot water hits my pale skin and I sigh. Hot showers in the morning always helped me wake up and I loved them.

Once I am finished washing my hair and body, I get out, shutting the water off, and wrapping a towel around myself. Walking over to the bathroom door, I open it, walking over to my closet. I dig through it looking for something to wear to work today. Pulling out a fresh pair of underwear, a bra, and some baby-blue skinny jeans that has rips up and down the legs, I grab a skin tight black t-shirt, and my grey BillaBong sweat-shirt, throwing it all on my bed. Drying off my body, I get dressed, grabbing black socks, putting them on, and then grabbing my all black Vans placing them on my bed before walking back into the bathroom to brush my hair and teeth. When I am finished, my hair blow-dried and curled, I walk out of the bathroom, grabbing my Vans and putting them on my feet. I grab my phone off it's charger, pushing it in my back pocket, grabbing my purse from the side of my bed, throwing it over my shoulder.

Walking out of my bedroom, I grab my house keys off the kitchen counter, walking over to the front door and opening it. I walk out, locking the door behind me and jogging down the stairs. I was late for work and Ken, my boss, isn't going to be happy. I lived just down the road from where I worked, so it isn't much of a walk, and still my boss thinks the idea of me being 'late' is unacceptable. I mean, it's not like I'm late everyday.

1:26 PM


Rolling over in bed I throw the covers off of me, climbing out of bed. I walk into the bathroom, going the bathroom, and then turning on the shower. I strip my boxers, jumping in and washing my hair and body. Turning the water off, I pull the curtain back and step out, pulling it closed again. I grab a towel, wrapping it around my waist, walking out of the bathroom and over to my dresser. I pull out a clean pair of boxers and jean-shorts, with a white t-shirt. I dry myself off before getting dressed and towel drying myself. Running my hands over my curls I throw the towel on the floor, grabbing socks and putting them on before walking out of my bedroom to look for my phone. I find it by the front door, on the floor with my shoes.

Walking into the kitchen, phone in my hand, I click to turn it on because I hadn't turned it back on from when I had shut it off to get on the plane to fly back home. Waiting for it to turn on I grab a banana. My phone buzzes in my hand and I type in my passcode, text messages popping up every second. One from Niall catches my attention and I open it.

From: Niall .H.

*Be ready, I'm coming over.*

The text was sent half an hour ago. Putting my phone down on the counter, I walk over to the front door, opening it for when he does show up. Walking back into the kitchen my phone buzzes again, a text from Niall popping up.

From: Niall .H.

*I'm here, you better be ready!*

To: Niall .H.

*I am.*

I send him back, hearing the front door open and slammed closed.

"You got clothes on?" He yells from the front door, probably taking off his shoes.

I role my eyes, looking around the corner at him from my place at the counter. I was leaning against it, my phone in my hands. "Yeah, I have clothes on." He chuckles.

My phone buzzes again, this time a text from Hailee showing up on the screen.

From: Hailee .S.

*Remember the bonfire tonight, Harry.*

To: Hailee .S.

*Yeah, I'll be there.*

I text back, putting my phone down just as Niall walks in, white take-out bags in his arms.

"I brought food." He places the food down on the counter, looking up at me. I am so much taller than him, it's funny.

I nod, grabbing one of the bags off the counter, walking into the living room. He follows me, the other bag in his hands. "Let's just watch some movies till we have to leave for the bonfire, okay?" I ask, sitting down on the couch.

He nods.

7:36 PM


"Bye, Ken." I call out to my boss, Grabbing my sweat-shirt and purse, swinging my purse over my shoulder, and then walking over to the door.

"See you tomorrow, Elisa."

I wave, pushing the door open and walking out. I pull out my phone from my back pocket, opening up a new text bubble with Hailee.

To: Hailee

*Just getting the beer, I'll be there in twenty minutes.*

I put my phone back in my pocket and head towards the liquor store. Five minutes later I'm swinging open the door and walking up to the front counter.

"Ashton," I call out to my younger male friend. He walks out from the back room a smile on his face.

"Elisa Ross," He says, walking to the front counter, biting his lips. He lets it go. "Haven't seen you in here in awhile."

I nod, laughing. Ashton really isn't supposed to be working in this store because he is underage, but the owner doesn't really care so he hired him anyway. Plus, the owner doesn't care if he checks for ID, so I'm able to get alcohol whenever I want to. "What is the name of the beer that you guys like?" I ask him, going to grab a few six-packs of what I like.

"Here, let me grab it." He says, walking around the counter and toward where the beer must be.

I grab what I need to grab and walk back up to the counter, waiting for Ashton to come back with the case of beer. When he does, he rings it up and I pay him. "See you at the bonfire." I smile, nodding and walking outside and continue onto Hailee's place. I walk the rest of the way to Hailee's, walking inside and calling out to her.

"Out back!" I hear her voice linger through the kitchen from outside on the back deck. Walking into the kitchen I walk out the sliding door, seeing Hailee sitting on one of the chairs around a mini coffee table.

"Hey," I say, walking over to the table, placing the bag that had my drinks in them and the one case of beer that everyone else liked. I could never get into their's, it just always smelt gross to me, and never tasted like I would like it to. "Where do you want the drinks?" I ask Hailee.

"Hey. Just put them in the red cooler at the bottom of the stairs, there." She pointed to the cooler she was talking about. I nod, picking everything up again and putting it where I was told to.

8:35 PM


Niall and I walk our way through the Hailee's house and toward the back deck, the smell of cigarette smoke filling the air once we are outside on the deck.

"Hello," I call to the two girls, Hailee and Elisa, sitting on the deck chairs, cigarettes in both of their hands. Their heads turn to look over at us as we walk out through the sliding door. I watch Niall walk over to the two of them as I stay over to the side, randomly playing with my phone. I hear him say his hello's to both of them before sitting down next to his girlfriend, Hailee, and giving her a kiss.

"I missed you." Niall says to her, giving her another kiss, sitting down beside her and pulling her into him. She giggles, bringing her smoke up to her lips and breathing it in. I see Elisa do the same, blowing it out right after Hailee does her's, looking over at me. Our eyes meet halfway, locking. I bite my lip. She smiles. I could feel my heart pounding inside my chest, like it was ready to jump right out and onto the floor at my feet. I like her, to say the least. I can remember the day Hailee introduced Elisa to the group; she was sky, only speaking when someone would to her; answering in short and simple sentences. Overtime things changed, she started hanging out with us more, and talking a lot more than she did when we had all first met. She built a strong relationship with Hailee, and everyone else in the group, including myself, but she could hold back on certain things.

"I'm going to get the fire started," I'm slightly startled, shaking myself from my day-dream of when I had first laid eyes on this beautiful woman. I hadn't noticed that Elisa had butted her cigarette and was now making her way to the fire pit.

"I'll help." Niall is to his feet so fast I barely see him give Hailee one more kiss before running after Elisa. I watch the two make their way to the fire pit, but I am mostly watching Elisa.

"Why don't you just tell her you like her?" I jump back, looking over at Hailee standing next to me. My eyes widen when I clue into what she just said to me.

"Wh-what do you mean? I don't like her." I try the best I can to deny that I have any feelings toward her.

"Oh come on Harry, Niall tells me everything." She shoulder-checks me, causing my body to slightly sway from side to side. Does he really tell her everything? I ask myself. Does she know about Aria?

I gulp. "I'll tell her when I feel like I'm ready to." I say simply, looking back at Niall and Elisa. Their standing back from a flaming fire, getting a good look at it before turning around and walking back toward the deck.

Later on, when everyone is here, we all make our way to the fire pit, sitting around it for the next few hours. Michael and Ashton on either side of me, Niall and Hailee beside Ashton, and Elisa beside Hailee, across from me. We drink, talk, and play a couple different drinking games. We ended up playing Truth or Dare and Elisa dared Ashton to jump in the ice cold lake. He did end up doing the dare, but was quick to jump from the water, falling a couple times, and running to take a hot shower. It was really funny. Near the end of the night, Hailee goes back into the house to grab her six-string, coming back and handing it to Elisa.

I smile, watching her take it from her best friend, butting her smoke on the grass and stamping her foot on it before tossing the six-string over her lap and throwing her arm over the side of it. She streams a couple notes before looking up at everyone surrounding the bright red flames, asking what she should play.

I speak up right away, requesting one of my favorites. "Drunk," I say, watching a smile raise on her face as she goes to bite her lip. I bite mine watching her do the same to hers. I want nothing more than to be able to call her mine, kiss her, and tell her how much she means to me, but I'm scared. I haven't felt anything like this since Susan, and look where that got me.

Hailee joins in along with Elisa and we silently listening to the two sing the smooth words. Ashton comes back about half way through the song, sitting down next to me. I nod at him in a way to greet him back into the circle again. The night slowly comes to an end, more songs being sang throughout the group, besides me; I don't like singing in front of people, and everyone is slowly fading away, one by one. Niall said he was staying the night with Hailee, leaving Elisa and I the only ones that need to head out.

Making my way to my car, I see Elisa in the distance, walking down the street. Looking at the time on my phone, I call out to her. "Elisa!" She stops walking, turning to look back at me. "Do you want a ride?" I ask, holding up my car keys. "It's kind of late to be walking around alone." I state. She smiles, nodding her head, and making her way back toward Hailee's house. I hop inside my car, unlocking the passenger side door for her. She jumps in, doing herself up, and I do the same, starting up the car. I pull away from the house and head off toward Elisa's place. Even though it's a short ride, she ends up falling asleep, her feet pulled up to her chest.

I find myself staring at her once I'm parked in her driveway. Her long dark, curly hair has falling over her face and soft snores are slipping past her pink lips. She's so beautiful.

Sighing, I try and shake her awake. She groans, turning to face the window, one leg falling down.

"It's too early," She mumbles to herself.

"Elisa," I shake her again, a little harder this time. "We're at your place." I say, bumping her shoulder. She jumps awake, getting a look at her surroundings. She looks over at me, eyes half open and confusing lingering all over her face. She looks away fast, shaking her head, and slamming the car door open and jumping out. She mumbles a 'thank you' before slamming my car door closed and running inside her house.

I sit there for a couple minutes, confused at what just happened.



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