Bad Teacher

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4. T E X T

*more explicit scenes whoops* 

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   Alice didn't hesitate. 

 She adjusted herself so that her back was against the cushions of her backseat. She hiked the hem of her dress up until her pretty cunt was in view, one of her fingers biting between her teeth as she smiled, a very naughty giggle slipping from her lips. Oliver let out a groan in the back of his throat before swiftly lifting up her legs over his shoulders. Alice hummed, feeling his cock tease her as it slid down her slit. 

"Mmm," She hummed. "Just fuck me already, Mister." 

He breathed out a laugh, a smile forming on his face. A sexy smile that drove her wild, everything about him drove her mad. The heat radiating between the two was electrifying. Swallowing them in complete warmth, sweat beading off the two of them from the connection. A connection she hasn't felt this intense in her entire life. It wasn't love---obviously she just met the man and Alice definitely doesn't do love---but it was something so sexually attractive, it caused her entire body to draw near him, closer until she was practically desperate to have him inside her. 

His fingers gently played with her clit, causing the poor girl to squirm under him. Her hands clenched onto the cushions under her, nails digging into the leather. Her marks were probably going to be permanent. "Oliver!" She cried out, eyes shut and face contorted in pleasure and impatience. "Oliver, ple---fuck!"

He slammed inside her roughly, stretching his arm to grab the handle on the side of the car while using his spare hand to gently squeeze her throat as he forced his way into her. Her hands instinctively went on top of his own, but the squeaky moans that slipped from her mouth was euphoric. She couldn't deny the pleasure she was having on his thick shaft and the silent dominance he was giving to her body--controlling her movements, and even her pleasure. She slowly forced her eyes to open, watching him on top of her body, legs being stretched further as he slammed into her over, and over, each time harder than the next. She couldn't help releasing a scream once he hit that spot. It felt like she couldn't breathe. It felt like his cock was stuffed all the way into her ribcage, but the pleasure was magnificent and so worth the pain. 

She lets out a shaky smile, a soft breath exhaling. Her head was spinning and the arousal was swelling in the center of her core, heat and pleasure burning into her. She wasn't sure how much longer she can go on. Once again, the hand that was once on her throat reached down to play with her clit--pinching and twisting until her body was lurching off the seat and her mouth was releasing a silent scream from the surprise of it. Sweat was sticking onto their bodies, and their breaths tangled into each other as Oliver buried his head into her neck, biting and sucking hearing her low moans and sharp inhales as she felt him everywhere. She couldn't describe it but it was all too much for her. His smell, his dick, his kisses, his everything was far too much. She called out his name----for him to stop? To continue? She couldn't tell at the moment, all she knew was that she was releasing sooner rather than later. It was building up inside her, suffocating her, a blissful feeling sinking onto her chest. 

"Oh, My God," She breathed. How could his fiancee not fuck this all day long? 

He could feel her tightening around him, clenching with as much force as it could. He moaned, forcing himself more, quivering above Lolita from the feel of her stuffed pussy. She was going to release. He could feel that. He could feel everything. He could smell her delicious fruity perfume, the fragrance of coconut in her hair, the apple flavor from her mouth. Everything about her was intoxicating. Her beautiful, milky skin-tone, her sultry, sensual voice. He could be inside her all night---not even a thought of his fiancee waiting for him at home. 

Suddenly, her torso was forcefully lifting up, her mouth wide and her face contorted in pleasure. He groaned animalisticly, a noise he didn't even know he could make as she tightened so hard around him, pleasure and cum leaking from her little cunt. He continued to thrust faster inside her, her sounds escalating as he did so---and three powerful strokes he crumpled inside her. He collapsed on top of her, careful not to let his full body weight crush her tiny frame. His cock jerked inside her cum. Still leaking into the latex wrapped around his shaft. 

She lets out a shaky laugh. "You sure do have a lot of cum, Daddy." 

His eyes clenched and he lets out a tiresome groan----a deep, throaty, guilt groan. "Oh, fuck me."

He just committed infidelity.

She snorted. "I just did." 


Once they've gathered the clothing, they squeezed into the front. Alice plopped onto the front seat of the car while the guilty man hunched into the passenger seat next to her. His hand is pushing into his temple. "This shouldn't have happened."

She shrugged, lifting her right leg up to pull the phone out from under her and placed it into the cupboard. "You're probably right," She said. "But it was good sex." 

He glanced at her, his eyes hardened and angry. "Do you even have a fucking soul?"

She smiled. "Nope," She turned on her radio and tuned in some pop music. "It's not really a big deal. We're not secret lovers slipping behind your bedroom to fuck and confess our love for each other. This isn't some fairytale, or fantasy erotic novels. This is real life, I could give a shit about you and your wife---oh, I'm sorry---fiancee----We fucked, big whoop. Everyone fucks. I'm highly positive your fiancee is out there fucking six-inch dicks because she can't take your big cock, Daddy."  

He flinched, and looked out the window. "Don't call me that."

"You sure did fucking love that a few minutes ag---"

"Well, now I don't," He snapped.

Alice watched him. She watched the view pop out of his throat when he was impatient, and the way his eyes lit up with an intensity even though the darkness, and the way his broad shoulders stiffened when he was ready for a fight---physical or verbal. She watched every single detail, and couldn't help getting turned on again. Not too many people are like that in the town Alice lives in. Everyone is happy-go-lucky, traditional, and modest. That sort of violence, that sort of impatience was something she was so desperate to be inflicted upon her.

She wanted to be choked, spanked, hit, and called filthy names while he does it. "Understood." Was all she said. Her voice was low and seductive without her even trying. "I'll just stop talking. I can be quite vexing naturally. Do you need a lift? I'll drop you off a block away from your house?"

Oliver's brows furrowed and he glanced back at her. She's a strange thing. "You won't stalk me will you?"

She scoffed, her nose scrunching up adorably. "Please, you're a great lay, but not good enough for me to stalk you and kill your wife for your dick."

"Jesus," He said. "Are you always this vulgar?"

"Why, yes," She hummed, turning her volume up a little higher. "Yes, I am." 


She put her gear and park and shuffled her body until she was facing him. "I don't like saying goodbyes." 

He unbuckled his seatbelt, but held onto the buckle and watched her carefully. Oh, my god, she's going to kill me. "Okay?"

She jumped a little. "Goodbyes are never good, you know? What's good about someone walking out of your life?" She smiled, her teeth showing. "So, great sex?"

He barked out a deep chuckle. Something about her was so sweet, innocent and so very, very deceiving. "Yeah," He mumbled as he got out of the car and gave her a tight smile. "Great sex."

A few moments past and the two of them were caught up in each other's gaze. She's so damn beautiful. He blinked out of his trance. "Um--yeah-s-"

"Oh, when you get back inside, run straight into the bathroom and take a shower," She rushed out, eyes widening. "She might smell my perfume on you or something." 

He nodded, noting that. He hadn't even thought about that. "Uh, thanks, Lolita."

She blinked, her smile twitching on the corner of her lips. "Any-time." 

He slammed the door shut and walked away. Alice watching him until he stepped onto the steps of his porche and opened the door. A beige ball ran up to him before he clicked the door shut. Alice sighed, reaching over and pulling a lollipop from her glove compartment. The taste of his cum was still in her mouth. 

She undid the wrapped, using her other hand to lift up her phone and go through some messages before she starts driving again. She hadn't realized Axel replied a few hours ago.


Some dude named Oliver Brady.

Her phone nearly slipped out of her hand. A deep, seductive laugh escaping her lips as she looked over to the house of the very man she just fucked entered.

"Oh," She said to herself. "This is going to be good." 

a/n you have no idea how much fun this is going to be 

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