Bad Teacher

(This will be the most unoriginal topic I'll ever write in my entire life but whatever) Rated M ^^^^^^ Very rated M @2016


3. L I P S

*explicit scenes* 


    Alice O'Riley is not a bad person. 

With that being said, she had the tendency of doing very bad things. Not, that she ever felt bad doing it, that is. To her it was simply just something to be done. It didnot really matter if it was dangerous, immature, or twisted in every shape and form. It was for the thrill of it, and of course, mostly, for the sex. She couldn't care less what anybody else said. It was amazing how so many people can open their mouths yet their words mean absolutely nothing. 

She waited in the backseat of the car like she said she would. Her dress was already unzipped and ready to be removed. Yet no man walked out the bar. Just wait, Alice. He'll come. They always do. And it was true, they always did come around. Some sooner than others. It only depends how much loyalty means to them. Loyalty is such a funny thing to Alice. It's a mind trick, a trap, in a way. Binding you to one person to have sex with for the rest of your life, how does that make any sense? It isn't love. It's a grenade waiting to set off. Sex is harmless if you know what you are doing. 

She does not need to be twenty-five to know that. 

It was ten minutes when Alice was puffing out a breath of air admitting to defeat. She thought that she had him by the balls. After all, men in a situation like his are the easiest to play in any book. Bored, tired of their fiancee/wife, and extremely sex-depraved. Fifteen minutes, she remembered. You always uphold your agreements, Alice. So she sighed, nodding to herself and pulled her phone out of her satchel. She has few notifications---often boys texting her wanting to get her to sext or to send nudes. She scoffed, deleting them from her notifications. Axel's message popped up, and quickly she slides it to the right to respond.


New Phycology teacher this semester.


For real? What was wrong with Mr. Issac?


Mental breakdown. That's on you.

Probably. Got a name?


I'll have it now.

Axel was the only guy in her life who she hasn't fucked yet, and not because she doesn't want to, but mostly because she's not exactly his type. He recently attended Upton Prep since his father was now the principle of the high-school. It's been hard for him, to say the least. She watched him throughout the years getting a few beatings from the other teenagers in her school because of his race. Being black in practically all white town, was difficult especially as a teenager. She befriended him in the end of sophomore year when she ended up in a fight with Tracy Evans because she called him nigger. Since then, plus the fact puberty did him good and when they realized he had a good arm on him, the bullying grew mild. 

Call it instinct, or some type of sixth sense, she glanced up. Oliver just came out of a bar, his head scoping out into the parking lot with a conflicted expression on his face. Alice smirked, tossing her phone on the front seat of her car. Oliver saw the running BMW and his face fell. Alice glanced at the radio for the time. It had been sixteen minutes. Wow, looks like he caved at the very last second. Oliver, slowly, walked towards the car each step looking painful. She should feel incredibly guilty about this. Alice knows this very much. She should prevent this from even happening. The inferior man is conflicted with his own lust. Nonetheless, Alice didn't feel a damn shred of it. There was not any harm in a one night stand. Everyone has it. Married or not. She doesn't know the fiancee--why should she give a shit about a woman who doesn't even know Alice exists? Why should she give a fuck about a marriage she's never going to see again? 

He locked himself in his own chains, so what if she was the one that freed him? 

He now opened the backseat and slid in before slamming it shut. "I shouldn't be doing this."

Alice smirked. "I'm not here to assure you," She said, shimming out of sleeves of her dress, the garment freely falling and draping on her hips. Oliver watched, mouth parted and eyes dusted with lust. She straddled him. Fingers tangling in his dark brown hair. "What we're doing is probably morally wrong." She kissed his neck. "And if your wife found out she'd probably go white trash all over me." She kissed his sharp jawbone, something she's been fascinating about all night. "But, let's be honest, its kinda thrilling, isn't it?" 

His hands naturally went to her hips. "Was that supposed to be persuade me?"

"Fuck, no. " She gripped his jaw, forcing him to look directly at her. "I make sure you're fully aware when I fuck you. I want you to want this. I want you to know that you chose this. That way, we both have a tremendous amount of pleasure out of this. I'm a lot more fun than Mommy. I promise you that, Daddy." 

An unfamiliar sound growled in the back of his throat, and he shuddered at the word. Never, has he ever, been so attracted that word in his life. "You're not making this easy for me."

She tilted his head back, just enough to mold herself into him. Until her lips were a millimeter apart. "I wasn't planning on it." Then she kissed him, hard. Her fingers dug into his hair and he moaned into her mouth, allowing his arms to circle around her waist. Her teeth nibbled on his bottom lip and pulled lightly---causing him to moan lightly. His lips parted just enough for her to explore his mouth, tasting and savoring the sweet and sour taste of his previous choice of liquor all while inhaling the sweet smell of citrus radiating off his body. He eventually kissed her back with he same amount of intensity. Even when the guilt was prickling his skin like fire, he couldn't help the erection in his pants and the taste of apples on her tongue. She pulled away, lips plump and raw from the intensity of their kiss. "I'm not going to break, you know." She put her hands on top of his and squeezed while simultaneously pulling down until her pussy was grinding on top of the thick part of his jeans giving him minimal pleasure but enough to arch his body in pleasure. "I'm a tough girl, Daddy. I can take just about anything." 

"You're going to regret saying that in a few minutes." He groaned and she eyed him in confusion before looking down, to where her dress engulfed his waist. Curious and very turned on, she rubbed against his crotch, feeling his length against her and she gasped slightly. Jesus, he's huge. She thought. He's going to rip me apart. He breathed a laugh at her expression. "Giving up so soon?"

Her eyes glanced back up at him, her face was drowned in the shadows of the dark night, but he could still see the predatory look in her eyes. "You fucking wish." She dived back in for another kiss, grinding her waist into his crotch. She could feel him tense around her touch. "It's okay. You can stop thinking about your fiancee. Think of it this way, you're technically not married yet. Whatever happens before doesn't really count." It didn't exactly help him stop feeling incredibly guilty, but it did make his body less tense and his mouth more rougher. His hand this time wasn't soft, and gentle like a few minutes ago. It had more of a grip, the way his large hands gnawed at her back, roughly pulling her closer and pushing her down harder until the fabric of his jeans was rubbing against her soaked panties. She gasped into his mouth, pausing from the kiss. "That's it," 

She pressed her cheek against his and took a moment to feel him against her. Her breath was ragged and sharp. It was the little, quiet sounds, she made that made his stomach hot and his legs weak. 

She pulled away from him entirely, shuffling back to the other seat. A section of her face was gleaming in lust under the moonlight. Her dark eyes glowing, practically even sparkling under the light. "Take your clothes off." She simply said, her hand stretching behind her to unclip the bra single handily. Meanwhile, he did what was told, pushing his fiancee away from his mind completely. He hastily unbuttoned his shirt. "Don't crumple it," Alice suggested. "Your wife will obviously know something is up when you come home in the 'I just got fucked' attire." 

He looked at her. "How many times have you done this?" 

"Enough to be clean but to know small tips to not get caught." She strained, as she reached over to her glove compartment. Her ass in clear view. She wore a black lacy thong, and she looked over her shoulder to see him focused on it. She wiggled her ass in front of him. "You like what you see, Daddy?" 

He nodded, his eyes not leaving her firm ass. "What are you waiting for then?" She asked. "Touch me." 

He didn't need her to say anything more than that. His large hands smooth ran up her thighs to the curve of her ass. It was firm under his touch, firm but easy to grab. She squealed lightly, a soft, wicked laugh filling the small car. "That feels nice." 

"Does it?" He told her, sitting on the edge of the seat. She hummed a yes, and gasped when he removed her thong and tugged it down her thighs. She was soft and smooth, her pussy glistening in her own wetness. His fingers lightly slid over her slit. She shivered. "Oh, yes," She moaned, and arched her back, ass and pussy coming into his view.  She struggled to maintain balance. But she firmly squeezed herself on the compartment under her knees and stretched her hands up to hold onto the dashboard tightly. He leaned in, kissing her pussy lips lightly. Her legs trembled. He could feel the heat radiating from her cunt, a heat he thought everyone could feel. He opened her up with his index and middle finger. Her most intimate parts staring right in front of him. 

Every thought of his decision was gone. All that mattered now was the beautiful cunt in front of him. He took his time, enjoying the feeling of her squirm under his touch---his lips, and the soft moans she desperately strained out as he sucked and licked her. He sucked on her clit, arousing her and causing her to moan loudly. Her neck arching back and her fingers clawing at her leather dashboard. "Yes!" She squealed, feeling him bury himself more into her, sucking and tugging gently with his teeth. He spread her wider, pushing his tongue deep inside her to squirm and moan, and ignored her wiggling in protest as he continued to savor her and tongue-fuck her. The heat of his tongue was sufficient to make her melt, enough for her knees to give out. 

He pushed harder into her, savoring her taste, feeling her soaking pussy drip onto his lips. By the time he was through, she was whimpering, her entire body shivering in pleasure, her pussy glistening with his saliva. Oliver pulled back, inhaling large breaths of air, and slowly after retrieving a condom from her solve compartment, she hopped back beside him. 

He had the best fucking tongue and as she took a moment to study his body, he had the best fucking everything.

His shirt was cleanly off him and placed over him. His jeans were unbuckled, and unzipped. His erection was prominent. Oh, this is about be be so fucking fun. She gave him the king sized condom in his hand while she quickly removed the buckle and discarded it somewhere in the front of her car and roughly forced his thick jeans down to his knees. "Keep that for now. It's my turn to make you come." 

"How did you even know you were going to fuck me?" He said, gesturing toward the condom in his hand. 

She shrugged as she bent her head down, tugging his briefs down softly--just enough for his cock to pop out from the cotton garments. It was long, thick, and glorious in every way. She had a sliver of a thought--a thought that he'd break her in two, but she was willing to take on the challenge. "I carry all sizes."

"You little dirty girl."

She moaned. "I'm about to show you how dirty I can get, Daddy." And just like that, she did. Her hands easily came around his shaft and stroked quickly until he---impossibly---got even harder. "Fuck, your cock is so big." She opened her mouth and wrapped it around his huge dick. He moaned lowly in his throat, his head resting on the seat behind him. She enjoyed giving blowjobs, seeing the pleasure of the man's face as she did so. The pleasure that she was giving them. She began to go faster on his cock, bobbing her head up and down his shaft. With one hand, she fiddled with his big balls, and with the other, she ran it down his cock, following the beat of her mouth. She twisted, squeezed, and sucked all at once. Sucking on the very tip down the very end of his long cock. 

"Lolita," He gasped, and she nearly stopped at the name, forgetting completely who she was meant to be. "God--I'm gonna---I'm" 

She pulled away with a pop, and glanced up. "When you come, I want you to let me have it, understood ? I want all of it to myself, okay? Every last drop." As commanding she was, she still managed to be innocent, submissive, yet dominate all at once. He nodded, before reaching behind him to grab onto the seat as her mouth went back on him. Sucking hard at the very top of his cock, all whilst beating him off with her hand. It was all just too much. He could feel his organs growing more and more. He gnawed at his lips and scrunched his eyes feeling the sensation build.

He could hear sucking, dripping in saliva, and could hear the suction of her hand beating on his wet dick. He lifted his torso and met her halfway, one hand fiddling with the back of her head, pushing her up and down. Guiding her towards his orgasm. "You're being such a good girl," he decided to say, testing out the waters of the foreplay. "Such a good girl for Daddy." She moaned, vibrations running through his cock, and then she tugged at his balls. That was enough for him to reach the finish line. He released into her mouth. Load after load, cum after cum, it squirted down her throat. Alice took care not to let a single drop of it fall from her lips, she slurped on it all, until it was all down her throat and warm in her stomach. 

She let go of his cock and glanced up with a smile on her face. "Did I do good for Daddy?" Her teasing, feminine voice surrounding the silent car.

Just something so simple twitched his softening cock back to life. "So fucking good."

"What now?"

"Now," He said, looking up at the top of the car. Silently praying for redemption of some kind after this infidelity. "Now you're going to get on your back and do exactly what I tell you, little girl." 

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