Bad Teacher

(This will be the most unoriginal topic I'll ever write in my entire life but whatever) Rated M ^^^^^^ Very rated M @2016


5. K N E E S

seriously unedited 


 It was Monday morning and the lie still felt like a pill stuck in the middle of his chest. It was uncomfortable, and overwhelming to even think about at times. Sometimes in the worst of times the thought of Lolita's legs wander in his mind and it's usually when Aurora begins talking about the new low sugar coffee she's been trying out. 

​There are instances where he just stares into his fiancees eyes hoping she could see what he's done. Infidelity he's committed before marriage. He prays that somehow she'll just know, so the aching pain in his stomach would just disappear. But she continues to butter her toasts and fold the laundry like if nothing was wrong. It was unethical, so very, very wrong

Oliver sighed, his thoughts jumbled into one once the bell rung signaling the end of the first period. He flopped down into his rolling chair at his desk and fumbled to organize the papers messily scattered across his desk. He was just so unfocused, he hardly heard the giggling whispers on just how hot their new phycology teacher was. It was not a lie either, and if it was any other day his eye bags would've been nonexistent and the joy on his face would've made a delightful thing to see in the morning. Unfortunately it was the first day back to school, a brand new year, and just like everybody else in the school, Mr. Brady looked as if he's been dragged out of the pits of hell.

"Have a good day, Mr. Brady," A small, famine voice alerted him to glance up at the front of his desk. She was among the few girls that seemed to be clear of makeup. Her blue eyes were bright and curious. Her puckered small lips parted as she handed him the assignment he'd given out for the first day of class. She was pretty, similar to his fiancee Aurora. Her blonde hair was loose over her shoulders and judging by the way her arms clenched around the binder around her chest. She seemed to be more timid than the rest of her peers. 

Girls like her usually sparked Mr. Brady's interest, someone to keep an eye out through the hallways. He knew how cruel some boys and girls could be in high-school. He declined to bear witness to bullying ever again and not say anything about it. 

"Thank you..?"

"Hannah." She offered, her voice full of understanding. After all it was the first day of school and he has much more names to remember throughout the day. 

"I wish you all a nice day as well, Hannah. I'll see you tomorrow?"

"Yes, Mr. Brady." She gave a shy smile before shuffling out of the class. A few boys were entering the class just as she was exiting and practically nudged her out of their way, completely dismissing her very existence. Mr. Brady opened his mouth to question whether she was okay, but she disappeared into the hallway, blending in through the crowds of teenagers. Sighing, he looked over at the boys with a small amount of irritation.

They didn't give a flying fuck about his annoyance instead they continued to bulldoze their way towards the back of the class. 

Oliver rolled his eyes. He's been teaching high-school for some time now. He can easily tell which kids are going to give him a hard time, and usually the ones who deliberately huddle in the back of the class are the kids who fool around and attempt to disrespect him.

If there is one thing Oliver cannot tolerate, it's disrespect. 

The door opened again, and immediately the outburst of cheers from the back row came erupted as a boy strolled in casually. Oliver recognizes him from his father, Principle Darten. He had the same strong cheekbones and large golden eyes that stood out, angling his face in ways that made him appear older. Axel stood tall and proud, a stiff facial expression on his face but a stare of recognition on his face as he noticed what Oliver thought was his friends. He walked towards them and then plopped himself in a seat in front of them, tossing his book bag on the seat in front of him. "How's your summer, man?" A boy beside him said, smiling and slightly punching Axel's arm to capture his attention.

Axel nodded his head once with a slight shrug. He had said nothing yet the boy laughed."Same, yo, but thank fuck this is our last year in this shit school." 

Oliver pretended he didn't hear that. His parents were paying over ten grand for this school, and the kid has the audacity to claim this school as shit. Oliver snorted quietly, shuffling his papers into one of the drawers in his desk. Spoiled brats. Eventually more kids began to fumble inside, girls all nice and perfect for the first day of school and boys not giving a shit. A few girls with low jeans and tight tops made their way down the back of the class automatically, and he even noticed one try to sit in the seat in front of Axel. 

He stuck his hand on the seat and looked at her. 

Confused, she looked at the guy Oliver soon learned was Derrick. He shook his head. "Alice is sitting there." 

"Can't Alice sit somewhere else?"

Axel glared. Derrick answers once again this time with a taut smile. "Girl, you haven't been here long enough. You don't separate these two." 

A few minutes later, Oliver shut the door once the bell rang. The seat was still empty. "Good morning class, my name is Oliver Brady and I'm your new psychology teacher obviously. I like to think of myself as a cool guy. Really, if you're good to me then we're going to best-friends. I only have three rules. "  He said, playing with his knuckles as he spoke out to a two dozen pairs of eyes staring at him. "One, you don't disrespect me. I don't take bullshit, alright? Say something unnecessary and I'm sending you out with a zero for the day. Two, your phones are useless in this class unless I say so. If you have it out I'm assuming you're texting your boyfriend/girlfriend or cheating in my class. And lastly, and one of my pet peeves don't----" 

Suddenly the door slammed open, and someone came rushing in. Leather squeaking as it connected with the tile floor. Her icy black hair was tied up in a pony tail, her facial structure sharper and exquisite. Her uniform blouse was ruffled and loosely unbuttoned. Her black bra visible through the thin material and her skirt was too small for her, revealing more of the upper thigh than permitted in the school. The young girl's face was clear of makeup. Her big cat-like eyes softly staring at the attractive teacher who stared at her, mouth opened.

​"---be late to class." He finished, under his breath. 

It felt like his heart dropped on the floor, and the world around him was spinning because in front of him was Lolita, a girl he never thought he'd see again and most importantly, he never thought he'd see in his class. 

Lolita smiled. "Hi, my name is Alice O'Riley and I was getting a schedule change in the office," She simply said, her eyes curving up into a mischievous expression. "It's a pleasure to finally have a decent teacher for phycology, the last one sucked ass." She said as she breezed past him. The smell of lavender and lemon hung in the air as she strutted to the back of class. Axel moved his bag off the chair so she could slide in gracefully, high-fifing Derrick as she did. "Did I miss anything?"

 Oh, fuck





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