Nobody has Adelise Tately figured out. She plans to keep it that way. //A spin-off of "Hoist the Colours" and "The Haunted", centering around Morrow's little sister, Adelise, who must find her brother after he goes missing at sea. For the 24 Hour Competition.//




"Are you sure you actually want to do this?" Adelise sat at on the rope handles of the docks, staring at her team of five. Well, they weren't exactly her team - it was Fiver's. But Fiver wasn't the one leaving. Fiver, actually, at the moment, was glaring at Adelise with a newfound hate. 

Scarlette, Fiver's sister, was staring at Fiver with her intense blue eyes, fiddling with her hair. "You don't actually have to go with them." Scarlette nodded towards the crew of pirates at the edge of the beach. The girl with the orange hair, Esme, was dipping her toes in the water, while her friend, Nightingale, was talking to another crew member.

Adelise sighed, tapping her foot against the dock. "I have to help my brother."

"Yeah, but what did he ever do for you?" Fiver asked aggressively, clenching his fists as his brown eyes flashed. "You said it yourself; the kid left you, turned pirate. He got himself into the mess, why can't he and his crew get him out of it?" 

Hawthorne reached towards Fiver, and squeezed his hand. "Please. Scarlette's ran away many a time, and you always come for her. Why should Ade not do the same?" 

"Because Scarlette has never given me a reason not to go to her," Fiver muttered. Fraser, Fiver's second in command, shook his head, still fiddling with the pistol. He'd been working on inventing a new weapon since the last month, when the team had gone up against a particularly ferocious witch that apparently was fire and noose proof. 

"He's still her family; and besides that, Ade shouldn't have to be stabbed for nothing." Fraser nodded over to the girl that Nightingale was speaking to; around seventeen, with strawberry blond hair. "And they'll be able to take care of that for her. I heard that there's a medic down there." His grim expression softened. "Her name is Wren."

"Aww, do you want you want to go to with Adelise so that you can see that precious medic?" Scarlette asked.

"Oh, I should learn to cherish the moments when you are not near me, Lette," Hawthorne said, shaking her head. 

"How about we look at the bigger picture of the thing." Mary, who had been silent up till that moment, stood up. "Stop bickering for a moment and listen. Adelise wants to go after her brother, no matter what he has done to her in the past. It's her decision, not ours. And if we had to go after a sibling, wouldn't she let us do it, despite her own opinion?"

They were all silent for a moment. 

Fiver sighed, and nodded. Hawthorne ruffled his hair, and smiled at Adelise. Fraser threw the gun over his shoulder, finally giving up on the invention. Scarlette looked happy enough to see her go.

"Thank you, Mary." Adelise got up, and began to walk toward the crew. "I'll be back soon enough. Don't die while I'm gone." 



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