Mrs. All American

Amber Parker is an exchange student that has been to many different places in her school career. For her last year of high school, she was able to pick where she wanted to go. Australia is what she decides on, and this simple choice is about to change her life forever.


6. Talking and more Talking

*The Next Morning*

          Just like yesterday, Luke is talking to Ashton. Again, I’m not paying attention. I’m trying to decide what will be the first song I’ll learn once I have my keyboard all set up.

          “Amber,” Ashton’s voice slices through my thoughts.

          “Hm,” I blink and turn to face the two boys.

          “This is going to be so random, but what’s your middle name?”

          “Mine is Robert,” Luke smiles.

          “And mine is Fletcher,” Ashton grins.

          “Oh, um, m-mine is Rose,” I weakly smile.

          “That’s really pretty,” Ashton and Luke say in unison.

          I nervously giggle, “T-thanks.”

          “What were you thinking about just a second ago?” Luke inquires. “You had this look and I’m just curious.”

          “Just s-school stuff,” I push my glasses up. “Nothing important.”

          He shrugs and shoves his hands into his pant pockets.

          The bell rings and Luke once again rushes back to his seat.

          Ashton smirks, “He’ll learn one day. Maybe,” he quietly chuckles.

          “Attention class!” Mr. Smith exclaims, causing me to jump. “Today will be a work day as I grade your quizzes. Keep the noise level down.”

“This is perfect,” Ashton looks at me with a smile on his face. Those dimples make it hard for me not to smile back. “You can tutor me again. I’m still having trouble. Maths isn’t my strongest subject.”

          “Okay, well, get p-p-paper out…and y-your book,” I feel my face heat up as I stumble over words.

          “On it.”

          After a few minutes, I’ve taught him in as little words as possible, and he starts working on a few problems to see if he can do it without my help. I can’t help staring and taking him all in.

          “I can feel you staring love,” he smirks for a second but does not stop working. “It’s okay, though. What’s interesting you most?”

          I shake my head, but answer the silly boy’s question, “How your f-fingers are s-s-so long. Your h-h-hands are j-just big in g-general.”

          He chuckles, “That’s an interesting answer. I’ll take it as a complement. I like your tiny hands.”

          “They aren’t t-t-tiny,” I pout.

          “No need to get defensive. I think their cute.” The smirk spreads back onto his face. “But, they are kind of small. I bet I can encase both of your hands in one of mine. If we were to ever hold hands, that is. Regardless, they are super cute.”

          The heat already on my cheeks grows stronger, and I look away from Ashton. “T-thanks.”


          “So, you’re going to hang out with Ashton for the latter half of lunch?” Brylee smirks at me.

          “Yeah, sorry. I’ll have to leave you,” I smile and shrug.

          “It’s fine. I want you to hang out with Ashton. You need to branch out and make friends, and I can’t always be there to help.”

          “Is softball starting up soon?”

          “It is. You’ll come to some games, right?”

          “Of course. As long as you listen to me play the keyboard once I master a song.”

          “It’s a deal.”

          We get back to eating; making small talk here and there. Then the next thing I know, Ashton is sitting next to me in the grass.

          “Hello girls,” Ashton smiles; his hand brushing mine.

          “Hi Ashton, take care of my friend,” Brylee bounces up and then walks off.

          “So, w-what do you w-want to t-t-talk about,” I mentally curse myself at the few stutters. I can’t control it, but it still bothers me.

          “Um, what’s your family like? I have a younger sister and a younger brother. My sister’s name is Lauren, and my brother’s name is Harry. Lauren is ten, and Harry is eight.”

          “I have a y-young brother, he’s t-t-ten and named Theo. Him and I, we,” I suck in a breath. “T-then I have a s-s-sister. She’s t-twelve and her n-name is Franny.”

          “Are you and Theo on bad terms? So close to my siblings, too.”

          “Theo and I? Well, I’m not s-s-sure. Last night we t-t-talked. Something we n-never really d-d-did. It was…g-great.” A single tear escapes my eye, but I still smile.

          “Are you crying?”

          I wipe the single tear away, “No. Next t-t-topic.”

          “Um, do you like traveling the world?”

          I giggle, “I’ve only b-been to a few places outside t-t-the States. But…yeah. T-t-traveling is cool.”

          He chuckles, “Do you like hearing Australian accents every day?”

          I nod, “T-they are nice. I r-r-really like t-them.”

          “Care to do this tomorrow?”

          “It’s not over t-today,” I smirk.


          “So I’ve been t-t-told a hell of a lot of t-t-times,” I stick my tongue out at him for a second.

          “And she has cussed.”

          I nervously giggle, “It’ll start g-getting worse. I can f-f-feel it.”

*Some Hours Later*

          “It’s nice to see you girls again,” I smile as Diana and Laurel waltz into the living room.

          “Well, Brylee told us you had caught up with all your homework,” Laurel plops down on the couch next to me.

          “So, we decided to come by and talk to you about some things our school does,” Diana sits down on the floor.

          “They want to make sure you get the full experience while you are here,” Brylee lowers herself onto the floor next to Diana.

          “I’m all ears,” I smile a little bigger. “What is the first thing you want to tell me?”

          “Right before Christmas break there is a little festival thing,” Laurel starts to explain. “There’s games, and food. There’s even a little shop where you can buy presents. They have people to wrap them up and everything. It is so much fun.”

          “Christmas break?” I giggle. “That’s just too funny to think that this place has a Christmas during what is summer here and winter back home. I can’t believe school is year round, and I kind of just jumped in,” I chuckle. “But, back to my first point. It gets so warm here, and back home it is getting cold. Well, in most places, that is. We are on opposite sides of the world.”

          “It gets cold here too,” Diana comments. “Just not as cold as back home. How is your family?”

          “They are doing good,” I nod. “Since it is turning fall there soon, they must be getting excited.”

          “Will they visit you during their winter break and out Christmas one?” Brylee asks.

          “I’ll have to ask. They’ve never done that before. That would be cool.”

          “Seasons are so weird,” Laurel wiggles into the couch.

          “I can believe why they would want to come to a warmer place,” Diana speaks up.

          “It would be fun if they even stay a short time,” I shrug. “My brother has baseball, and we live in Florida, so they would have to get back so he can practice with the team. Once I graduate, I’ll be able to go to all of his games. Well, that’s what I would like to do.”

          “We seem to have gotten a bit off track,” Brylee giggles.

          “We have,” Laurel agrees. “Next thing to talk about is prom.”

          “Prom,” I chuckle. “Now that is something I’ve never gone to.”

          “You must be joking,” Diana pats my knee.

          “No,” I shake my head. “I know you’ve only known me for a short time, but I am super shy. I stutter around anyone that identifies as a boy. If I went to prom, my heart might explode.”

          “Oh yeah,” she grimaces. “Sorry.”

          “Don’t worry about it. When is it?”

          “Prom is in the spring,” Laurel answers me. “Close to summer.”

          “You know what goes on at a prom, though, right?” Diana asks.

          “A little bit. No need to really think about it for a while,” I shrug.

          “We’ve got time to talk,” Diana turns to fully look at me. “When the date gets closer, there will be posters up everywhere talking about the even. Guys will ask you to prom, a lot of them. I think you have someone on your mind already. So, just wait for him.”

          “Sounds easy enough. Then we’ll all go dress shopping, and then we will be a big group with our dates. Right?” I giggle.

          “That’s actually not a bad idea,” Brylee says. “Just have to get boys to ask us to be our dates.”

          “We’ll get boys to ask us out, no worries,” Diana glances back at Brylee. “Back to what happens at prom. There will be snacks, but we’ll go out to eat or something before going. “You don’t have to dance the whole time, of course. There will be tables and chairs, so you can take a break whenever you would like.”

          “That sounds nice,” I smile. “All types of music, I assume.”

          “Yeah,” Laurel nods. “They play a wide variety of genres.”

          “Maybe you’ll get a kiss from your date,” Brylee smirks. “It happens all the time. Well, so I’ve been told.”

          “I can barely talk to guys,” I feel a heat rise to my cheeks as I imagine Ashton kissing me. “I haven’t even had my first kiss yet.”

          “You’re doing better,” Diana tenderly smiles at me. “You have to be.”

          “She is,” Brylee nods. “Her and Ashton are starting to hang out during the last half of lunch.”

          “That is too cute,” Laurel leans into me. “Even though you are a grade older than me, I still think it is so cute to see you with much less experience with guys. You are innocent, in a way.”

          I laugh, “Well, I’m working hard to make up for my lack of experience.”

          “That you are,” Brylee smiles.

          “Say, are you happy to get your keyboard after tomorrow?” Diana inquires.

          “I am overjoyed. I’ve been thinking about it a lot. Probably more than I should, at times when I shouldn’t.”

          “You deserve to have something to do in your free time,” Laurel says.

          “Do you have space for it in your room?” Diana questions.

          “Yes,” I smile. “It will go at the end of my bed. I’ll need to buy one that comes with a stand. Well, Brylee will have to. If that’s alright.”

          “It’s fine. I want you to have as much fun here,” Brylee says. “Besides, that’s what friends are for, helping each other have good times.”

          “I’m so glad I’ve met you girls and we can hang out,” I happily sigh.

          “We’re glad you decided to come here,” Laurel sits up.

          “I can’t imagine what this school might have been like without you,” Diana just barely shakes her head.

          “Having you here has been great,” Brylee smiles. “You are like the sister I’ve always wanted."

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ These chapters are quite long. I hope you like it! :D I'd love some feedback on what you think so far.
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