Mrs. All American

Amber Parker is an exchange student that has been to many different places in her school career. For her last year of high school, she was able to pick where she wanted to go. Australia is what she decides on, and this simple choice is about to change her life forever.


8. Promise

*The Next Morning*

          “So, if it all w-works out, my family w-will be coming over d-during Christmas break,” I sigh and lean back in my chair. “I’m happy and n-nervous.”

          “How come?” Ashton looks concerned. “I thought you would be overjoyed. You wanted us to meet them, didn’t you?”

          “I do,” I give a small smile. “I just can’t h-handle my parents. They hold me to such h-high standards. Too much p-pressure.”

          “All parents do,” he places a hand on my shoulder. “Don’t let them hold you back from what you want to do.”

          “It just h-happens. I have t-t-to get the best grades, have friends from g-great families, and date a b-boy with a f-future.”

          “I think you accomplish all of those to your best ability,” he pulls his hand away from me. “Beside the dating and all.”

          “That’s not a-all,” I run a hand through my curls. “There’s my l-little sister. She’s b-boy crazy, I swear.”

          “Ah, you think she’ll try and steal me away from you,” Ashton smirks and gives me a small wink.

          I look away from him as a heat overtakes my cheeks. All I can do is shrug.

          “I’m sorry love,” he rubs my back for a few seconds. “I was just joking around,” he chuckles. “Say, I was thinking on Saturday I could take you around town.”

          “Huh?” I tilt my head so I can look at Ashton.

          “Just walk around town and maybe go out to lunch. Nothing too special. I just want to hang out with you.”

          “Well, I’m pretty b-busy,” I smirk. “But I t-think I can hang out f-for a bit. I can show you the s-surprise then. You can t-text Luke a picture of it as well. So h-he knows.”

          The smile on his face grows a bit bigger, “That sounds good. Oh, and thanks for all the help in this class. I think I’m getting better with numbers.”

          “That’s good,” I smile a little bit. “I-”

          “Okay class!” Mr. Smith interrupts me. “It’s time to get started. From all the homework that you’ve turned n recently, I can see you are doing quite well with this chapter. That is good because this should all be review from last year. I’m going to do a few examples on the board, and then I will let you try for yourself.”

          “What were you going to say love?” Ashton whispers.

          I shake my head, “It was nothing.”

          “Well, okay. Um, will you be ready to help me again once he’s finished.”

          “Of course,” I look at him fully. “I might be like l-last t-time though.”

          “That’s fine, pick another thing of me that you really like.”

          “Your curly hair,” I pout.

          “It’s not the greatest,” he starts getting flipping the book to the correct page.

          “It is a-a-attractive, but you must have a r-reason to s-straighten. I’ll let it be.”

          He lowly chuckle, “I like your curly hair.”

          “No, I won’t straighten it.”

          “I don’t think you’d look as good.”

          “If anyone needs help, I am always available for extra examples,” Mr. Smith finishes his third example. “Don’t hesitate if you don’t understand something.”

          “I just have to ask you,” Ashton scoots closer to me. “Now let’s get to work. I don’t need you staying up late and then missing time hanging out with me. Since you have such a busy schedule.”

          I smile and shake my head.


          “I am so happy to see you getting so close with Ashton,” Brylee smiles.

          “We aren’t that close,” I shake my head and take another bite of my cookie.

          “Yeah right,” she laughs. “I see you two when you talk and hang out by your locker. You’ve been going to school for five days and you have already caught the attention of one of the most attractive guys on campus.”

          “Not yet five days.”

          “Did you just ignore the whole last half of me talking? You’re taken Ashton’s breath away. I see him looking at you, and you would be stupid not to like him back.”

          “Stupid?” I scoff.

          “Sorry, stupid isn’t the right word. You would be pretty ignorant not to try something with him. Besides, I know you like him. You two are just too cute around one another.”

          “I am not here to date.”

          “I’m here for the education,” she imitates my voice. “I know. You say that a lot. I’ve got it figured out. Just please, if he asks you out or to be his girlfriend, don’t question it. Don’t say you’ll think about it and get back to him. Just say yes. It’ll make everyone happy.”

          I smile, “Will you be happy if I promise?”

          “So happy. This is your last year of school. Well, before college.”

          “I think I’ll be doing that online. I might even take a gap year.”

          “Right, so you need someone, and Ash is that someone. Just promise me.”

          “I promise,” I giggle.

          “What are we promising?” Ashton plops down next to me.

          “Nothing Ash,” I quickly answer. “Where’s Luke?”

          “He’ll be coming soon.”

          “I’ll let you have some alone time that. You two cuties,” Brylee pops up and rushes off.

          “You are kind of cute,” Ashton smiles at me and gently rests his hand on mine.

          “Just kind of?” I pull my hand away.

          “Sorry, I didn’t want you to stop talking to me. I think you are really cute.”

          “If you still t-think that I a few months, t-then I might have to consider d-doing something,” I giggle.

          “I have a feeling I will always look at you and think you are really cute.”

          “That’s what you say,” I shrug.

          “What’s up guys,” Luke sits down next to Ashton.

          “Not much Luke,” I giggle.

          “Ashton told me your family will for sure be coming during break. That’s cool.”

          “It’s not a hundred percent for sure yet, but I’m sure they’ll be coming. I think it will be awesome to see my siblings again.”

          “Maybe I can get your brother to play football.”

          “That would be interesting,” Ashton says.

          “Do you like sports, Ash,” I ask out of the blue.

          “A tiny bit sometimes. I don’t know, though. When I do watch I get a bit confused.”

          “Come over sometime and I’ll t-teach you about s-sports.”

          “You already teach him maths though, Amber,” Luke chuckles.

          “I can teach one more thing,” I smile. “And sports are easy."


A tad shorter than the other chapters, but still long. Hope you liked it! :D

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