Mrs. All American

Amber Parker is an exchange student that has been to many different places in her school career. For her last year of high school, she was able to pick where she wanted to go. Australia is what she decides on, and this simple choice is about to change her life forever.


14. Halloween

*A Week Later*

          “Halloween is just two weeks away,” I smile as the girls and I sit down at a table at the local diner. “My costume is done, and our group has a plan of some sort.”

          “And Ashton for sure isn’t going to the party?” Diana picks up her menu, glancing up at me.

          “He has promised many times that he will be hanging out with us,” I open up my menu. “I made him pinky promise.”

          “Well, I believe him,” Brylee grins at me. “I don’t think he would ever risk lying to you. He knows that you would end it all if he ever did that.”

          I shrug, “I guess so. I’ve never had to deal with that.”

          “Not meaning to change the subject, but Amber, have you talked to your family recently?” Laurel speaks up.

          “I have,” I sigh. “My mother always wants to know how my grades are, and she says if they drop too low, I have to stop the keyboard. Then her and Franny know about Ashton, and won’t stop teasing me. Franny I’m fine with, but my mother-”

          “Good afternoon girls,” our waitress walks up and I shut my mouth. “Decided on drinks?”

          “Can we have a pitcher of lemonade, Callie?” Brylee smiles at the woman.

          “Of course. I’ll bring that right out,” Callie slightly smiles before walking away.

          “What about your mother?” Diana asks once we have privacy again.

          “Huh?” I look up from my menu, having a hard time deciding on what to order. “Oh, yes, I was talking,” I giggle. “Well, my mother puts a lot of pressure on me to find a good boy to settle down with.”

          “Don’t they all,” Brylee chuckles.

          “That’s how mums are,” Laurel pats my shoulder.

          “No, she’s worse than a normal mom,” I shake my head a catch Callie coming back out of the corner of my eye. “I’ll explain after we order.”

          Callie steps up seconds later, placing a pitcher of lemonade on the center of our table with four cups. “There you go. Now, do you know what you’d like to order?”

          The four of us nod, and proceed to tell her our orders one by one.

          “Sounds good,” Callie smiles and looks around at us all. “I’ll go put this in, and get it out as soon as I can.”

          I take a sip of lemonade as Callie walks off, trying to calm myself.

          “So, your mum, Amber,” Diana messes with the straw in her drink.

          “Ah,” I take a deep breath. “My mother. Well, she’s never going to approve of Ashton. He comes from a broken home, and though she’s friends with plenty of women who have had divorces. She doesn’t want me to be with someone from that kind of house hold.”

          “That’s harsh,” Brylee grimaces.

          “I know. Then, Ashton doesn’t have a plan for his life. She’ll hate that, and so will my father. To add to the fire, there’s no way he can convince her that he’ll be able to support me. It’s just strike after strike against him.”

          “So what?” Diana scoffs.

          “Well, I’d rather not get disowned, or possible forced to move back when they come for Christmas.”

          “You mum is just going to have to deal with the fact that you like Ashton for all that he is, and for what he is not. She will have to accept him because you like him. There’s nothing she can do to make you stop the feelings you have for him.”

          I sigh, “I’ll just have to wait and see if anything is going to happen between us.”

          “Oh, something is going to happen,” Brylee smirks.

          I chuckle, “You guys are so sure that Ashton and I will get together.”

          “He really likes you,” Laurel comments. “His smile when he’s looking at you when you stand at your locker is different than any smile of his I’ve seen.”

          I feel my cheeks heat up, “Sure, sure. I just, don’t want to get my hopes up.”

          “Understandable,” Brylee pats my hand from across the table. “I think you two are making great progress for only knowing each other a short time.”

          “What about you three? What’s your love life looking like?” I look around at the three girls.

          “Luke walks me to most classes now,” Laurel starts first. “He really wants to talk to me and get to know me. He’s super cute when around me.”

          “I don’t see Michael all the much,” Brylee shrugs. “But I have been able to talk to him a few times after school. He’s overly nervous, but that’s understandable. He is such a cutie though. The age gap right now is a bit awkward, but in a few years it won’t bother me.”

          “I talked to Calum, since you’ve put it in my head that I should try to find someone to be with, and he is cute,” Diana runs a hand through her hair. “I just don’t know right now. He’s a bit cocky, and I don’t know why. It’s not like he’s the best looking guy in school.”

          “I just think it would be so cool if both my groups of friends became one big group,” I grin and look down at the table.  “I don’t know if it will happen, but it would be very interesting if it did.”

*Two Weeks Later*

          “That looks great, babe,” Ashton smirks as he walks into my room.

          A blush creeps up my face from the comment, and from the fact that Ashton is looking great in his tux. “T-thanks. You look good too.”

          Ashton crosses my room in a few steps to stand right in front of me. “Thanks. Sally and Jack Skellington, the perfect couple, yet not couple, costumes.” He leans down and kisses my forehead. “I’m happy to be spending this whole night with you.”

          “That party isn’t going to be any fun anyways,” I smirk and step away from the boy. “Are we meeting the other boys somewhere special?”

          “The park nearby. There’s actually a little meet up spot, and there’s scavenger hunt of sorts to do. We got to certain places to get candy, and at the end we’ll get a voucher for the ice cream place in town. Then we will end our night there.”

          “It sucks that it’s still a school night,” I frown and turn away from him to find my small purse. “Not that I’d want to stay out too long.”

          “We’ll be fine,” he chuckles. “Now come on, we have to get going.”

          I grab my purse and spin on my heel to face Ashton, “Calm down, we have plenty of time.”

          He grabs my hand, intertwining our fingers, “Was that sass I heard?”

          I giggle, “Just shush up and let’s go.”

          The two of us head out of my room, and then downstairs to find Laurel, Brylee, and Diana waiting by the front door.

          “Aw, the couple looks adorable,” Diana teasingly smiles and holds a hand over her heart. Her cat costume is not revealing in anyway, and she looks super cute. The costume is black with white randomly all over; her make-up completes the look perfectly.

          “Thank you,” Ashton smiles real big and squeezes my hands. “You all look very pretty.”

          “Thanks,” Laurel mutters out. Her Wonder Woman costume has been altered a little to be a little more modest, but she’s pulling it off perfectly.

          “Shall we head out to get to the park?” Brylee places her hand on the front door handle. Her Lady costume is perfectly made, and she looks like she was taken right out of the Devil May Cry.

          “Sounds perfect,” I smile.

          “I can’t wait to see the other three boys,” Brylee opens up the front door and we all rush out.

          The ends up being about a ten-minute walk away, so we decide to mess around by imitation our costumes. We also gush over all the younger kids walking around in their costumes.

          “Finally, we’ve been waiting for hours,” Calum teases when the five of us reach the three boys. His Dalmatian puppy costume is crazy cute, and his face paint is spot on.

          “Oh whatever,” Diana rolls her eyes, but then can’t help letting a chuckle rush past her lips.

          “We already grabbed a task list,” Michael holds up a few papers. “Well, four of them. We didn’t know if we were going to split up, so we asked for a couple extra.” His Dante costume isn’t as good as Brylee’s Lady, but his make-up really brings it all together.

          “If we start running out of time we can split up,” Brylee grabs a paper from Michael hand. “I want to stick together as a big group as long as possible.”

          “I just want the free ice cream,” Luke laughs. “So, let’s get going as soon as we figured out where to head first.” For Luke being without any muscle, his costume really gives off the illusion of real ones. He’s pulling off Superman quite well.

          “This is going to be so much fun,” I bounce a little and smile around at my friends. “All of us together, hanging out as a group. Ah, I’m glad this could happen.”

          Ashton pulls me into his side, “It is nice. We are going to have a lot of fun. And we all are going to become a little bit closer.”

          “Enough chit-chat then,” Laurel claps her hands together. “We better get going, we have a lot to get done before the sun sets.”


I hope this longer chapter makes up for the last short chapter. Also, sorry there's been a lot of time skips, but I don't think more school scenes would be that interesting. Would love some feedback! Hope you liked it! :D

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