Mrs. All American

Amber Parker is an exchange student that has been to many different places in her school career. For her last year of high school, she was able to pick where she wanted to go. Australia is what she decides on, and this simple choice is about to change her life forever.


2. First day of School

*A Few Years Earlier*

          “Well, this is the school that you will be spending the last year of your education at,” Brylee, her thick Australian accent still a little hard to understand, smiles.

          “It’s big,” I grin, taking in the school building. “Bigger than any school I’ve been to,” I nervously tuck a strand of my curly, dirty blonde hair behind my ear.

          “Well, if you’ll follow me, I’ll show you to the office and they’ll take care of you from there,” she turns on her heel and her bleached blonde hair moves with her. I can see her brown roots as I follow behind her.

          “So, the office people will show me my locker and first class?” I ask as we enter the building. My green eyes taking everything in behind my black glasses.

          “Of course,” Brylee glances back at me and her green-blue eyes light up in worry. “Are you afraid or something?”

          “Oh no,” I nervously giggle. At sixteen I have been to quite a few different schools and countries. I’ve learned not to worry about what the school may offer as help. “I was just wondering.”

          “Ah, well, I think you’ll do fine with that accent of yours,” she smiles and holds the office door open for me.

          “My accent is nothing impressive,” I shrug as we walk into the office.

          “To me it is,” Brylee pats my shoulder.

          It was dream come true when I found out my host family had a daughter my age that would be going to the same school as me. Well, she’s a year older than me, but we are the same height of five foot seven and have been getting along so well since I got here.

          “Why, good morning girls,” the office lady smiles at us and her Australian accent makes me want to smile. “And who is this Brylee?”

          “This is Amber, the exchange student,” Brylee says. “She needs her lock, combination, and class schedule.”

          “Okay, I’ll get straight to that,” the woman smiles.

          “It’s nice to meet you, ma’am,” I slightly bow to the woman.

          “She just came from Japan,” Brylee explains. “Well, I’ll be off. See you at lunch!” She waves as she walks out of the room.

          “Come over here dear, and I’ll help you with everything,” the woman smiles and motions me over. “Then I’ll have Jane show you to where you need to go.”

          I take the few steps to be closer to her and now. “And what’s your name?”

          “Just call me Mrs. K, that’s what everyone calls me.”

          “Okay, Mrs. K. I’m ready to get all I need to start school today.”

*Thirty Minutes Later*

          “So today is a work day,” Mr. Smith, my math teacher, says. “I’ll introduce you to the class and then you’ll explain some things. Then I’ll tell you where to sit. Sound good?”

          I nod, “Sounds good.”

          He smiles and leads me into the classroom where all the students are talking to someone. All at once, nervousness washes over me.

          “Okay class,” Mr. Smith’s accent seems to fill the room. “As I’ve been telling you, we have been given the great opportunity to have an exchange student. This is Amber Parker,” He motions to me. “She’s from America.”

          “Originally,” I say to him quickly. “I’ve lived in Tokyo, Paris, and Rio before this,” I say to the class quickly now.

          “Yes, well, she’s going to be studying here for her last year of education. There’s no reason why her experience here shouldn’t be wonderful.” He walks over to his desk. “Now, Amber, you will be seated next to Mr. Ashton Irwin. Raise your hand Ashton.”

          I look out at the class and see one boy raise his hand. I quickly walk towards him and sit in the empty seat next to him. “Hi,” I try and smile but the nerves take over.

          “Hello,” he smiles at me. He has most likely straightened, blonde hair with a fringe; his eyes are a hazel color; his smile shows me he has dimples; he may be my age or just a tad bit older; I can’t tell his height because we’re sitting. “I’m Ashton, but Mr. Smith already said that,” his Australian accent is amazing, and his voice alone is like none I’ve ever heard before.

          “Amber,” I choke out and then kick myself because he already knows that.

          “No need to be nervous love,” he completely ignores my mess up. “I’m not gonna hurt you or anything. If you think I’m gonna tease you or something, I won’t.”

          I shake my head; my words already failing me.

          “Okay, so as you know, today is a work day,” Mr. Smith speaks up. “Please keep the sound level down.”

          “Well this is great, you can help me with my maths,” Ashton smiles.

          “Okay,” I stutter out. Then I pull my book out of my Hello Kitty backpack, as well as a piece of paper and pencil.

          He flips the book open to what I assume is the page we are meant to be on. “This should be interesting. I might actually learn something with you helping.”


          “How’s your first day of school going, Amber?” Brylee asks me with a smile.

          “It’s pretty good,” I smile back. “I’ve had all my classes with this kid named Ashton though. And I’m always placed next to him.”

          “Ashton Irwin? What’s he said to you? I swear, if he gives you any crap, I will personally come after him.”

          “A lot of stuff. I helped him in math. Even though I didn’t say but two words. I’m not really a talker around guys.”

          “He’s pretty cute ya know. I can see why he makes you nervous. Not my type though.”

          “Ha, and what is your type?”

          “Hm, that’s a good question. I’d have to say anyone who understands me. He could have his ears pierced, dye his hair crazy colors, or have multiple tattoos. As long as he understands me and I understand him.”

          “Well, I’m not here to get a boyfriend. I’m here for the education and to have a good time before going off to college. As well as making some new friends.”

          “You can get a boyfriend while you’re here through. That can be included in your good times,” she smirks.

          “I was thinking of making friends more my gender.”

          “I’m having my two friends, Diana and Laurel, over to study tonight. So you’ll meet them. They are younger than me, but we are close because of our families.”

          “That’s cool. I can’t wait to meet them then.”

          “Oh hey, Amber, right?” A boy walks up to Brylee and me.

          I look up to see Ashton. “Oh, y-yeah.”

          “What do you want Ashton? You’re scaring her,” Brylee sighs.

          “I’m not scaring her,” Ashton sticks his tongue out at Brylee and then looks at me. “I know this is really sudden, but could I have your number? For school help, that is.”

          I quickly nod before getting a sticky note and pen out of my bag. Then I write my number down and hand him the sticky note.

          “Thanks love. I hope to get you talking to me soon,” he smiles before walking off.

          “You are one lucky girl,” Brylee chuckles. “First day here and a boy already has your number.”

          “He said it’s for school,” I adjust my glasses. “Besides, how could he like a nerd like me?”

          “I like you, and others will too. There’s nothing wrong with being a nerd, and I don’t even think you’re that much of a nerd. What’s a geek?”

          “Video games and stuff like that. I don’t do that much because I have to focus on school work, but I do it now and again.”

          “There, you are a geek. And you are cute too.”

          I smile, “Thanks.”

          “Also, I think Mr. Irwin is going to use your number for more than just help with his school work.”

*Last Class of the Day*

          Luke Hemmings: the boy I’ve been placed next to in my last class. He has straight blonde hair with a fringe; blue eyes; seems to be a year younger than me but taller.

          “You met Ashton Irwin in maths, right?” Luke whispers to me.

          I nod. I’m really loving being surround by all these Australian accents.

          “You gave him your number, didn’t you?”

          Another nod.

          “He was right, you really don’t talk that much,” he chuckles.

          I shake my head.

          “Can you say one thing to me?”

          “One thing,” I look at him and smirk, holding the blush back form my cheeks.

          “Smartass,” he mumbles with a smile on his face. “Well, I have to say your accent is as amazing as it was when I heard you this morning.”


          “First class of the day, I have it with you. It’s a maths class for any grade. You talked a bit in that class, and your accent is so cool.”

          I advert my gaze from him and go back to my work.

          “Well, maybe tomorrow we can talk before class.”

          I nod, “Maybe.”

          “Do I make you nervous or something?”

          “All guys do.”

          “Ah, well, I promise I’m not like all guys. That makes me sound like such an asshole,” he shakes his head. Say, would it be possible for you to speak a different language for a bit?”

          I nod and quickly say ‘Hello, my name is Amber’ in Japanese.


          I nod.

          “That’s so cool. I’ll have to tell Ashton. Do you like being an exchange student?”

          I shrug, “I love to travel.”

          “Bigger sentences. I’m liking this.”

          The heat behind my cheeks breaks free, and I know my whole face has to be red. Now I definitely can’t look at him.

          “Soon we’ll be able to have a real conversation.”

          I nervously mess with my glasses. “M-maybe,” I stumble over one stupid word.

          “I really like your glasses. Um, they really suit you.”

          I can’t bring myself to move or say anything.

          “Sorry. Am I embarrassing you or making you flustered?”

          I slowly nod.

          “I’m sorry. I’ll stop talking.”


A long chapter since the Prologue is quite short. I hope you liked it! :D

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