Mrs. All American

Amber Parker is an exchange student that has been to many different places in her school career. For her last year of high school, she was able to pick where she wanted to go. Australia is what she decides on, and this simple choice is about to change her life forever.


34. Epilogue

*Present Day*

          “Amber!” Four Australian boy voices bring me out of my thoughts.

          It’s amazing how many times I think back to the beginning of my ‘new’ life.

          “What?” I look over at the boys still sitting on barstools being interviewed.

          “Come here,” Ashton motions for me to come over.

          I smile and walk out to them. I’m careful not to trip on my own feet, as I’m wearing pumps and not Converse. It’s so I can be closer to the boys’ height, as I am so short.

          “Hello Amber,” the interviewer man smiles.

          “Hi,” I smile back. “I’ve been waiting to come and put my two cents in.” I stand in between Ashton’s legs.

          Ashton wraps his arms around me in an instant.

          “Have you been listening in on what we’ve been saying about you?” Luke laughs.

          “Of course. I have to make sure you don’t say anything wrong about how we met or anything.”

          “I’ll keep them in line,” Ashton says. “Like I always do.”

          “Yeah right,” Michael says.

          “Can we just get some questions so I don’t have to listen to these boys being boys?” I roll my eyes.

          “Sure, um, these are for Amber,” the interviewer smiles. “First, how has Ashton been as a boyfriend?”

          “He’s been great. I couldn’t have asked for a better guy to be with. We’ve been through a lot together and I love him so much. The fans are so loving for us, too. They think our relationship is so cute, and support it so much. I really can’t believe how great I have it.”

          “Speaking of fans, how do they treat you, seeing as you are the only girl in the band?”

          “I think they like me just as much as the guys. I play an instruments just like them, and I sing just like all of them. I’m no different from them. Also, I give girls a chance to dream about being in a band.”

          “I’ve been begged to ask this question, so I can’t skip it. Was Mrs. All American written about you?”

          “You would have to ask the boys that, I have no idea. That is the one song I didn’t get a chance to put my thoughts in, I didn’t write any lyrics. Not that they all write songs together, but I’m usually there for ideas and such for all the songs. Anyways, boys?”

          “It’s one hundred percent about you,” Ashton kisses the top of my head. “We wrote it when we couldn’t stop thinking of you being back home sick,” Calum says.

          “Ashton came up with most of it too,” Luke says.

          “It’s probably my favorite song,” Michael says. “Since it is about you, and all.”

          “Aw, I’m glad I’m your guys Mrs. All American,” I giggle. “Ah, this is so cool.”

          “We’re glad you could be our Mrs. All American,” Ashton says.


​That is it! Ah, that is the end! :D Proper Author Note to explain stuff, coming up~

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