Mrs. All American

Amber Parker is an exchange student that has been to many different places in her school career. For her last year of high school, she was able to pick where she wanted to go. Australia is what she decides on, and this simple choice is about to change her life forever.


18. Chistimas Festival

*Last Day before Christmas Break*

          “This is going to be so much fun,” I smile and grab Ashton’s hand.

          “What are we going to do first?” Laurel asks.

          “Let’s do the game’s first,” Michael answers. “Us guys will win you girls prizes.”

          “One prize,” Diana says.

          “Fine,” Michael pouts for a second.

          “Let’s head to the gym where the games are, then,” Brylee giggles.

          After about five minutes, we make it to the games in the gym

          Michael steps up and does the first game, throwing darts at balloons. He wins Brylee a necklace with the infinity sign on it.

          Then we head to the next game that Calum wants to play. He has to knock down wooden milk bottles with baseballs. He succeeds with one go and wins multiple bracelets for Diana.

          Next we end up at a game where you have to throw ping pong balls into glass containers. Luke steps up to the challenge, and after a few tries succeeds. He wins Laurel probably the cutest headband I’ve ever seen; white polka dots on a purple base.

          Last, we get to a game where you have to throw baseballs into buckets. Four baseballs and three different sized buckets. Ashton makes all of them on his first try, winning me a little stuffed bear.

          “That was so much fun,” I smile.

          “It’s good all us guys got to win a girl something,” Calum smiles.

          “That’s what we are supposed to do,” Ashton kisses the top of my head as I give my little bear a hug.

          “So, are we going to go get something to eat?” Luke asks.

          “We can,” Brylee says. “Then we can head to the little shop thing.”

          “And then we can head home, right?” Michael asks.

          “I guess we could,” Diana answers.

          “Then it’s settle,” I smile.

*A Few Hours Later*

          “You are putting a lot of thought into this,” Ashton chuckles as I stare at the table full of gifts.

          I’ve gotten my mom a candle and a few necklaces; my dad a cool apron and some golf balls; my brother a baseball, baseball gloves, and some cool socks. I’m trying to get my sister stuff now.

          “Yeah, because I know their gonna be getting me awesome gifts, and I want to get them something cool as well,” I smile.

          “Where did you get the money to get all the stuff here?”

          “Some relatives sent some Christmas money. Too much if you ask me, but then I’ll have some to spare after this.” I pick up some headbands I think my sister and put them in my basket with everything else.

          “We can wrap the presents together at my house tonight it you’d like.”

          “Oh, yeah, I am coming home with you. I get to meet your family first,” I smile, picking up a little angel figurine.

          “You’ll love them. I bet my mom will love you.”

          “What about your dad?”

          “He left when I was young, so I’m the man of the house,” his smile is evident in his voice. “I treat my siblings like a dad is supposed to, though. As well as siblings, of course.”

          “You are so sweet, Ash. I’m so glad I came to Australia. I had a choice on where I could go, and I decided here. I’m so happy I did,” I smile.

          “When we get to my house, I want to play something for you on the drums. Like, real drums. Not my cajón. Big boy drums.”

          I laugh, “I can’t wait.”

          “The boys were thinking of doing a New Year’s show. Do you think you’d do it?”

          “Um, yeah. It would be fun. That’s what you do when you’re in a band, play in front of people. If I’m with you boys, I think I’ll be fine,” I smile.

          “I’ll let them know you’re in then. We’ll have a practice before then. Obviously.”

          I giggle, “When will we do another cover?”

          “I would guess soon.”

          “Do you have what you want to get? Because I’m ready to go.”

          “Yeah, let’s get the hell out of here.”

*An Hour Later*

          “Can you please tape that for me, Ash?” I look up at him and smile. “My hands are being used at the moment,” I giggle as I hold the wrapping paper.

          “Sure thing babe,” Ashton smiles and quickly tapes the piece between my fingers. “Just a few more gifts.”

          “Then I can watch you play the drums,” I grab another present and bring it into my lap, quickly cutting some wrapping paper and getting to work.

          “Yeah. Are you staying over tonight?”

          I smile and nod, pushing my latest wrapped present away before grabbing another present. “We are going to watch movies all night, okay?”

          “That sounds great. We’ll cuddle on the couch,” he giggles and I laugh.

          “You are so cute,” I shake my head.

          “Not nearly as cute as you,” he responds.

          My face heats up a little as I reach for one of the last presents I have to wrap. “Ha, now my face is all r-red.”

          “When we get together to practice for New Year’s, the boys and I have presents for you.”

          “Good thing I got you guys presents.”

          “Are you done wrapping now?”

          I hop up, “Show me to your drums.”

          Ashton stands up and smiles, “Just follow me.”

          We start walking and end up in his house’s garage where a nice drum set is.

          “That looks so cool,” I smile.

          “She sounds great,” Ashton walks over and sits on the drum stool. Seconds later he is drumming away.

          I sit down on the cold flor and close my eyes to really listen. It makes me smile.

          After a few minutes, the drumming stops and I open my eyes.

          “Why’d you stop?” I pout.

          “I’m getting quite sweaty; mind it I take my shirt off?”

          “No, go ahead.”

          He quickly shed his shirt and throws it over to me. Then he goes back to drumming.

          Ashton isn’t super fit, but it’s not like he’s chubby. He has abs forming, and the same goes for his arm muscles. Drumming does wonders.

          “This is so cool,” I smile.

          Ashton looks over at me and smiles.

          After another minute or so, he ends his drumming and stands up.

          I slowly stand up and walk over to him, “That was really good. You looked so happy.” I lean up and kiss his slightly sweaty cheek. “How about we go in and start making dinner for your family?”

          He nods, “Want to make a good impression?”

          “Just a little.”


​Seeing Ashton drum live, that close, would be amazing. :D

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