My songs

These are all songs I've written myself :)


5. See me

It is morning I am soaring 
On happiness because it's not boring 
It's not night so I don't have to fight 
The demons peeking out of my eyes 
The ghosts from inside with their cries 
You and them from back where we left on 
You probably thought I'd say gone 
This is like everything else the same 
But inside it's a different game 

See me for who I truly am inside 
Take off this mask I hide behind 
We are not okay today 
We are not alright tonight

Just because we look okay doesn't mean we aren't waging wars inside 
You see what I want you to see, what I hide behind 
My eyes are like a mask to the world, hiding my past 
I can't fathom how you can't see, past the smile to the real me 
I'm fine now and today but you don't know how it was then, the old way
It's starting to make sense this year, back then it was so far but near 
The fear that wanted to spill out of my mouth 
Is now on a canvas roaming about 
See me for who I truly am inside 
Take off the mask I hide behind 
Remember the fear?
Remember me near? Yeah, me 
This fear is for all to interpret for all to see that behind this is 
The real me 

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