My songs

These are all songs I've written myself :)


3. I

Why is it that I don't know where to start here?
Shouldn't I be used to this, this fear?
Not fear, no, I'm not scared of anything
I am just a bird with a broken wing
I have the potential to fly
But sometimes I just cry
Who am I?
Who am I? 

I need to create something great
I need to have a spark of fate
I need to make sense of everything 
But for now I just cling
I can't let go but I can't keep going 
My words want to just keep flowing
These words apparently don't matter
If they mattered, they wouldn't just be chatter
Are these merely words on paper written with a pen?
Or is this something more, something that deserves to win?
Stop being a baby, but let yourself be free, which is it?
Is it that I sit here and act fine, or do I have a fit?
Who am I? Why is it that even eventually my words will fly?
With everything else that I have dreamed of to cry
Like a baby, but then I want to share my feeling
I wish I could say that my words were helping, or healing
Not myself, no I don't care, I just want my words to be there
For someone who needs a lift, maybe then someone fair
Someone could talk to me for hours
We're all different with separate powers
Just a simple word can help a day
Just a simple day can help the grey
Grey can turn to white over night?
Then why can't I just win this fight?
Are these merely still words on a paper written with a pen?
Or is it something more, is there more for me to have zen
Zen, something I crave, time to be in my happy place
But where is that in the end? Look at my eyes, my face
Now these are just rhymes, my fingers faster than my mind
I write and nothing makes sense, I wonder if I'll ever find
A place where I can change someone with my words 
A place where I can fly among the birds
Instead of having a broken wing
I can rise above everything
I am just a bird with a broken wing 
I can try to rise above everything 
I have the potential to fly 
I have potential but sometimes I just cry
Who am I? 
Who am I? 

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