My songs

These are all songs I've written myself :)


4. Hope is on the horizon

Paper, pen, I twirl you in my hand 

Knowing that once I stand

You, along with my words, will fall

Taking it all with you, everything and all

I love words because unlike people they'll live forever

Words, are merely scribbles on a paper, but they'll never

Disappear, or be forgotten, they'll live in their state

Of being on a paper, that is their one and only fate
Hope is on the horizon 
Hope is starting to be risin'

When a person is forgotten their work is never done

Some legends live long after life, that is the real fun

Of being remembered forever and ever, knowing you mean something

Knowing that you made a difference in life, despite your internal strings

I don't know why paper and pen force me to make amends

To the people I've wronged, to the faces I've seen again

These emotions demand to be felt but I keep them under my belt

On the horizon are hopes scribbled about, ignoring the hand I've been dealt

I remember those nights, they were happy and without a fight 

Those times are on the tide again, telling me I'm alright

I can taste hope in the distance, wishes, I can see the light 

I can know I'll make it, because hey, I have this time again
Hope is on the horizon 
Hope is starting to be risin'

I know these days will fall together and with words they'll mend

I have this hope to cling to like a bud holding on a tree branch again
 I can see the light in the distance but sometimes it's already night
I can see the dim light but sometimes I am swallowed up by fright
By I cling to this tree branch of safety because I know I'll see
​​​​​​​Hope is on the horizon 
​​​​​​​Hope is starting to be risin'

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