I'm not entirely sure, I started blogging this story on a fluke, It's not finished yet, but I reckon it's worth you guys seeing it.


3. Bound


Fat lazy Bileth.

Miller had hated him from the moment she’d seen him.


And now here she was, sitting opposite him discussing the topic of their future together.


“Pardon me, but you don’t look too enthusiastic about this,” Bileth said.

Miller began, “I’m-”

Bileth slapped her face with the back of his hand, “I didn’t say speak, Aria. I was asking you to smile,” he pursed his lips.

Miller’s face smarted. She could feel the rage rise from her stomach. She turned her face slowly, clenching her tied hands into fists. The fire in her eyes blazed at she glared into his flabby head.

“I said, smile,” Bileth warned her.

Miller spat in his eyes, “Fuck you.”

Bileth wailed in disgust and rubbed the saliva from his eyes as if it burned, “How dare you!” he boomed.

Miller rose from her seat, her wrists bleeding against the rope they were bound by. She stared down at Bileth, “You hurt me.”

Bileth moved his huge body and rose to his full height, “I could do worse,” he challenged her, “Sit.”

“I am not your animal,” Miller barked at him.

“No,” he said, forcing her to sit. He kept his hands firming on her shoulders, “But you will be my wife.”


Miller gritted her teeth, “I will kill you.”

Bileth slapped her again, “Hush…” he said, “Don’t talk. I don’t like it when you talk.”

Miller muttered again, hot tears welling in her eyes, “I will kill you,” she felt Bileth’s hand squeeze on her throat, “You, and everything you… care about.”

“Shh…” Bileth said, choking her slowly, “Do as you’re told.”

Miller kicked out under her, feeling the strain and pressure on her airways. She saw the room around her dim and fray at the edges of her vision. Her tongue lolled from her mouth, her body lost it’s strength before she fell into darkness.

Confined, she wished, forever in darkness.

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