We Put The World Away

All four of us. No one else can beat us. We got so disconnected from reality. We put the world away.

One, two, three, four, five. Breathe in....breathe out. I can't move it's like I have an anchor on me weighing me down.

Michael Clifford is a depressed suicidal teen. His friends are always there for him...will he ever let them get close enough to help?


6. Chapter 6

I tried to quickly walk away to emerge with the crowd so that Luke wouldn't see me.

"Hey walk slower!"

"You have long legs fucking use them," I loudly replied. I then heard loud footsteps and then a large hand grabbed my shoulder.

"So Mikey..."

"Don't call me Mikey!" I snapped at him.

"Do you always act like a dickhead or does it just come to naturally, Mikey" Luke said in a teasing tone.

"No I just act like one around a certain blonde" I said with a smirk.

Luke's smile turned into a frown and he quietly walked behind me as I saw our classroom getting closer and closer.

"Well this is our maths classroom, try to act like you have never met me and things will go just fine," I said to him while rolling my eyes.

"Yep still a dickhead," I heard him mutter under his breath.

I scowled and walked towards my seat. I started taking out my equipment out while watching students stroll into the classroom like they've got all the fucking time in the world. When everyone sat down our teacher, Mr O'Brian stood up and gestured Luke towards the front of the class. Mr O'Brian is a young teacher that mainly wears jeans and sweater vests. But what I like about Mr O'Brian is that he deals with absolutely no fuckery. He is straight to the point and is a sarcastic arsehole just like me.

"So do you want to introduce yourself to the rest of the class or do you want to not bother with this lot," Mr O'Brian drowned out in a completely uninterested voice.

Luke looked at him with wide eyes and he looked like he was considering not introducing himself. Then I heard an irritating shill – Drew's voice- that I thought if aliens were real only they would be able to make that noise.

"Sir his name is Luke Hemmings, he moved here from Sydney, he has two brothers and he has a dog!" Drew ranted quickly. Luke and I looked her with our mouths agape. What a crazy bitch. Here's a word of advice, you truly know when someone is crazy when the know shit that they shouldn't know and when they talk about it they get a look in their eyes that screams mad scientist.

"Well thank you for your wonderful input which I do not remember asking for," Mr O'Brian says in a sarcastic voice.

"Umm I don't think that I need to introduce myself."

"Ok well Mr.Hemmings please take a seat."

I watched Luke scan the room and look of pure horror is shown on his face as he realises that the only free seat is right next to Drew. I watch him take slow strides towards Drew as she is giggling like a child on crack. He pulls out his chair and sat down slowly while looking carefully at Drew. She stares back at him with what I call a fuck hungry stare. All I know is that the one thought that will definitely be running through Luke's head is 'God why!'


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