We Put The World Away

All four of us. No one else can beat us. We got so disconnected from reality. We put the world away.

One, two, three, four, five. Breathe in....breathe out. I can't move it's like I have an anchor on me weighing me down.

Michael Clifford is a depressed suicidal teen. His friends are always there for him...will he ever let them get close enough to help?


4. Chapter 4

The person who opened the door was around 6ft tall, had piercing blue eyes, blonde hair, he was wearing a nirvana t-shirt, black ripped skinny jeans and black Nikes. He walked over to Miss Thomas with an air of pure confidence around him.

"Aah so you're the new student," Miss Thomas said.

He replied with a deep voice with a smirk on his face "Yeah that's me. I'm Luke Hemmings."

"Well Mr Hemmings tell us a few things about you."

"I'm 16, my favourite colour is black and I love All Time Low and Nirvana," Luke replied. As he was talking all the girls were just swooning and giggling like their lives depended on it. Then Miss Thomas had the smart idea to utter the words "Why don't the students put their hands up and ask you questions, Mr Hemmings?"

As soon as she said that Drew- fucking- Johnson instantly shot her hand up. Now I think that I should tell you a few things about Drew Johnson she is the girl who thinks that she is God's gift to earth just because her dad is rich, therefore making her rich and have the delusional thought that she is better than everyone else. She would be that bitch who would dare come to an airport decked out in metal and walk back and forth through the metal defector( only because she won't take off all the metal)while batting her eyes at the security guards. Also trust me I am not exaggerating our grade went to France once and that is exactly what happened.

Miss Thomas looks at her and just sighs while saying in a completely irritated voice "Yes Miss Johnson you can ask the first question"

Drew then asked in a 'seductive' voice (I think that she sounds like a 60 year old man who smokes 3 packs of cigarettes a day) "Do you have a girlfriend?"

"No" Luke said in a rushed tone.

She then asks "Well, will you be willing to have a girlfriend really soon?" Damn and I thought she couldn't get any more desperate. Well that's Drew always full of surprises.

Miss then intervenes and quickly says "Ok does anyone have any other question?" When no one else raises their hands she looks at Luke and asks him to sit down. He scans the room and while he is doing this all I could think is oh shit there is a spare seat next to me I really hope that he doesn't sit there. It is as if he could read my mind he made direct eye contact with me, smirked and made a B-line straight for that seat. All I could think is.... Fuck.


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