What it's all real! A percy jackson fanfic

Several fan girls find themselves plunged into the world of their favorite book series, Percy Jackson. They must fight to survive and they find out that maybe being a demigod isn't as great as they make it out to be.


2. our savior, is this really happening?

The manticore had us backed up to the bookshelf. Luna was throwing book after book at it, anytime it got too close Victore lashed out at it with her poker knife. We were losing hope as quickly as the emptying bookshelf and the manticore was steadily growing braver. Luna had just thrown her last book when a small red headed girl jumped through the window and charged the manticore. It gave Luna and Victore just enough time to slide into the closet next to Acadia and Katie. They didn't want to leave the girl alone but she seemed to be handling it fine with her bow and hunting knife. It took her a few minuets to finally get a killing blow, when she vanquished the manticore it turned to golden dust and fell to the floor.

"It's safe girls you can come out now!" The girl called she looked to be about seven, with firery red hair, on her back draped a midnight black cloak and in her hand was a bow. Though she looked to be seven years old the way she held herself was that of a much more mature woman. " We must hurry! I'll give you a minuet to pack, but after that you must follow me." She stated standing by the broken window.

Victore and Luna scurried from the closet and started packing Vic grabbed her small back pack from under Katie's bed and Luna grabbed a few extra shirts and a canteen of water. Katie and Acadia were more cautious but soon scampered around the room, no one spoke. Acadia grabbed her diary and the pocket watch her father had given her for her fifteenth birthday it was silver with gold leaves and branches entwined in the front creating a cover for the watch, it was amazing to her that her father could pay for such an extravagant gift, since he only worked at the town greenhouse. Katie grabbed her lucky socks, blue, of course and the bracelet her mother had given her for her twelfth birthday it was was the prettiest piece of jewelry she owned and she the loved how safe she felt when wearing it. It consisted of a thin silver chain with an sapphire dolphin and an emerald anchor. Victore grabbed her trusty pocket knife and her laptop, she never went anywhere without it, and Luna grabbed a mythology book and the necklace her father had given her the day he told her he was getting remarried even though that wasn't a happy time, it still held eight years of good memories and it was her only connection to her mother. The necklace, her father said, was from her mother. It was a simple silver chain with a tiny silver owl hanging from it, she never took it off accept to sleep. Once the girls were all done packing they turned to the savior in their midst.

The girl turned to them " hello I'm Artemis and we need to get to camp half blood now!" She said before jumping out the window

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