What it's all real! A percy jackson fanfic

Several fan girls find themselves plunged into the world of their favorite book series, Percy Jackson. They must fight to survive and they find out that maybe being a demigod isn't as great as they make it out to be.


1. the beginning

"What was that!" Katie cried as a weird pitter patter noise went across the roof.

"Probably just a squirrel." Victore assured her as she typed the next line in her fan-fiction.

"No,that can't be a squirrel. That was much too big and squirrels aren't nocturnal..." Luna said putting down a book as Katie's blue eyes widened. Acadia glared at her as she tried to comfort Katie. ".....it was most likely a raccoon" Luna finished, sending a reassuring smile Katie's way. She picked her book back up and got lost in her own world all over again. Only to be jolted out by a scream from Katie who was staring out the window eyes wide and mouth open. "I...there was..." She mumbled as Acadia handed her a cookie and wrapped her in a fuzzy blue blanket. "Come sit with me" she said in a soothing voice.

"What did you see Katie?" She asked as Katie settled down. Victore and Luna got up from where they were seated and looked out the window. "What do you think that dark figure over there is Vic?" Luna asked. "If I didn't know that they were myth I'd say that was a manticore." Vic said. There was silence as both girls studied the dark figure at the edge of Katie's wooded backyard. "Me too, but it can't be..." A screech cut Luna off. Katie dived into the closet, a few seconds later another screech swept through the room. Katie was joined by Acadia as the dark shape drew closer. "Luna I'm pretty sure that's a manticore..."Victore whispered as both girls backed away from the window. "It's really a manticore" Luna gawked. Just as the girls reached the bookshelf the creature crashed through the window. "Of all the nights this could happen it had to be the one night my parents are out!" Katie complained hiding in the folds of a dress. Victore flipped open her pocket knife and Luna grabbed the book she was reading, well re-reading for like the hundredth time. Luna threw the book and it bounced off the manticore's head and landed right in front of him or her or... Whatever. It was from the girls favorite book series Percy Jackson. The manticore growled, it clearly didn't like their choice of books.

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