What A Feeling

17-year-old Rowan and her friend miss their One Direction concert by only a few minutes. Devastated, they start to head home. But as they're crossing the street, they're nearly run over by none other than the One Direction tour bus. The boys invite the girls to come on tour with them. Worlds collide, feelings develop, and madness ensues. How will Rowan deal with her newfound connection to one of the boys?

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5. Disownment

Chapter 5: Disownment

Rowan's POV

"When you said you were bringing someone with you, I thought you meant Alexa", Daniel huffed as he rolled his eyes.

"Daniel, not now", I said through gritted teeth. I swear he's almost never polite to company.

"Um...hello. My name is Niall", Niall said, offering his hand to Daniel.

"Yeah I know who you are", Daniel said, shaking Niall's hand, "You're that one guy from that band One Direction".

"Daniel, who's at the door?", asked a familiar voice from behind my older brother. Daniel moved aside to reveal my mom. She was wearing one of my dad's old sweatshirts and a pair of sweatpants. She looked like she had been crying.

"Hi mom. Is everything alright?", I said.

"Hello dear. Hello Niall. And yes everything is just fine. I was just watching a sad movie. Please come in", she said.

Daniel moved to the side to allow Niall and I to enter the house. We both sat down in the sofa while Daniel and my mom sat in the two chairs opposite us. Daniel just kept glaring at Niall when his eyes fell on my slightly bulging stomach.

"Looks like you put on some weight, sis", Daniel chuckled.

"Actually", I said, taking Niall's hand in mine, "I'm pregnant".

"What did you say?", my dad asked as he walked into the room.

"I...I...I'm pregnant", I repeated nervously.

My dad instantly got an angry look on his face. He crossed his arms and I could tell he was about to yell at me, but my mom saved me from the wrath of my father.

"Who's the father?", my mom asked.

"I am", Niall said nervously, "And I'm also Rowan's boyfriend".

"You...", Daniel growled as he launched himself at Niall, "You got my 17 year old younger sister pregnant? You son of a -"

"Daniel, get OFF of him", I said as I shoved my brother off of Niall.

"Ro, you know how your father and I feel about pregnancy before marriage. But-", my mom started, but she was cut off before she could finish what she was saying.

"You whore", my father growled, "You think we even wanted you in the first place? I didn't go through the trouble of raising you just to have you turn into the slut you've become".

"I-I'm sorry dad", I stuttered as I got up and moved towards the front door. My dad tended to get violent when he got angry.

"Save it, you slut", my dad yelled, raising his fists.

He began throwing every nearby object as he shouted thing like "whore", "slut", and "you're a disappointment". He threw a ceramic mug, a remote, a lamp, a half-full glass of beer. You name it, he threw it. He picked up a broken lightbulb and launched it in my direction, but Niall jumped in front of me.

"Stop! Just stop!", Niall yelled, "You can't pin this all on her! It takes two to make a child! Or are you too stupid to know that? And you have no right to judge her! From the looks of it, you aren't so perfect yourself".

"Get out of this house. Both of you. And never come back", my dad hissed as he angrily pointed at Niall and me.

I looked at my mom with tear-filled eyes, just hoping she would speak up and ask me to stay. But she said nothing. All she did was look at me, eyes full of sadness and regret. It was almost as if she was trying to say "I'm sorry" with just her eyes.

"Go!", my dad screamed.

"Don't expect to walk back into my life in the future", I hissed as angry tears spilled over my cheeks.

I flung open the front door and Niall slammed it shut behind us. Niall and I walked down the street in silence, just trying to process what happened. Where would I go now? My own parents just kicked me out of my own home. How am I supposed to properly raise my child?

I couldn't hold it in anymore. I let out a loud sob and fell to the ground, burying my face in my hands. My mom, dad, and brother were the only family I had. I had nowhere to go. Then I suddenly felt a pair of arms wrap around me.

"They had no right to do that, Rowan", Niall said as he stroked my hair.

"I-I just d-don't un-understand how they can ju-just kick me out th-that easily", I said between sobs.

"I know, Rowan. I'm so sorry", Niall said as he wiped a few tears from my cheeks, "Why don't we get back to our hotel? Our luggage was already taken there".

I just nodded as Niall helped me stand up. He kept one of his arms snaked around my waist as we waited for a cab. Even on the cab ride back to our hotel, Niall kept his fingers intertwined with mine. I've only known him for about a month and a half, but I felt as though I loved him. Is that even possible? To love someone after such a short amount of time?

Niall was about to unlock the door of our hotel room when he said, "Rowan, there's something I have to tell you".

"What is it?", I asked as I cocked my head to the side.

"The hotel room...well you see...", Niall said as he nervously scratched the back of his head, "There's...there's only one bed".

I giggled at his embarrassment as his cheeks went red. My face was probably experiencing the same slight color change.

"Well, it's not like we haven't shared a bed before, Niall", I chuckled.

"True", he laughed, nodding in agreement.

Niall unlocked the door of our hotel room to reveal beautiful royal blue walls and a ghost colored queen-sized bed. There was a small kitchen before the bedroom with a small table and two chairs. A flat screen TV sat on a dresser in front of the bed with a bathroom to the side. There was also double doors leading out to a balcony.

"I'm so...you know what, I don't even know", I said as I collapsed on the bed.

"Come here", Niall said as he laid down beside me and opened his arms. I scooted closer to Niall, allowing him to wrap his arms around me.

"You're such a beautiful and strong person, Rowan. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. This may sound crazy, but I think I love you", Niall said as he ran his hands through my hair.

I felt as though I just had the wind knocked out of me. My ability to breathe was gone and it felt like there was thousands of butterflies in my stomach.

"I think I love you too, Niall", I breathed.

"And I love you too, my sweet child", Niall whispered, placing his hand on my stomach.

Author's Note (please read):

Urmahgersh ahshdnfkeihebskaidhfbfjjf I CANT!!!!

Thank you guys SO much for reading this story! It makes me so incredibly happy that you guys read what I write! Writing is one of my only sources of happiness and it makes me overjoyed that you all enjoy my stories ^_^ I'm also working on a Harry Styles fanfiction so watch out for that! ;)

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