You Can Run, But You Can't Hide

Most of the characters of Harry Potter get locked in a mansion and there's only one way out. But will they survive?


1. Prologue: The Invitation

     "Dad! There's an owl at the window!" yelled Lily Luna.

     "It says me and your mother have been invited to a dinner party." Harry read aloud.

     "Can we come too, Dad?" asked Albus Severus.

     "No, but you can spend some time with your Uncle Ron and Aunt Hermione tonight." Ginny stated as she came downstairs.

     "I'll have to send Ron an owl to see if you can spend the night."

     "Dad, it's the year 2016! Use your cell phone!" James Sirius replied moodily.

     Harry texted Ron to see if he and Hermione could watch the kids, but Ron replied that he had gotten invited to the same thing and were sending his kids to the (newly remodeled) Burrow. Harry, knowing that at least Mr. Weasley would answer, called the Burrow.


     Later that night, Harry and Ginny arrived at a beautiful estate. But when they pulled in to the massive circular driveway, Harry saw Ron and Hermione, George and Angelina, Bill and Fleur, Teddy and Victoire, Luna and Rolf, Neville and Hannah, Dean and Seamus,as friends, and Cho.


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