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The title says it all! Read chapter 1 to know how to get one! :)


7. I make banners!

What is a banner? You maybe thinking. Well a banner is something to promote your story! They look like this:

It can be for prologues or first chapters or even mumbles. It's just there to promote your movella a little more.


So if you want one the read on!


You guys already know the rules so lets get into the things I need to know.






Colors(for the fonts):

Release date(if the story isn't publish yet):


And that is it! If you want one for a character then I need to know this:


Character name:

Title of story it is from:

Celebrity(I prefer a celebrity for the character because it is easier to find than a tumblr girl):

Dark or light:

Quote(can be by the character or something that describes the character)

Colors(for the fonts):


And I think that is all! 


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