Who should i choose?

This fanfiction is the one that will be the best I garunteed. It's about a 18 year old girl working at a video game store and runs into Michael and Ashton without knowing it. Then she meets a girl.



1. Day #1 My new Job

Today is my first day of my new job. I wear tight ripped jeans, a white t-shirt, and black boots. So I go in and I see a tall dude, with some dyed hair, he had a red shirt and black pants. He had headphones on too. I didn't see anyone at the cash resistor and I walk to him and tapped his shoulder and he screamed at me a little but then he stopped. "Sorry I didn't mean to yell at you" he said "It's ok my name I'm Demetra" I said. "Hey Demetra I'm Michael and welcome to the video store with all the movies and video games are" Michael said. "*smiles* I'm actually here to start working today is the first day" I said "We will make you feel comfortable and happy to work here" Michael said "Thanks where is the manager so I can start working??" I asked "He's in the back just knock on the door and you'll hear his voice" Michael said "Thanks Michael" I replied. "Your welcome" Michael said. I went to the managers office knock on the door and went in. The manager's name is Ashton. He has long hair and was wearing a blue shirt with black pants I sat down and started talking about the job. He gave me my uniform, I went to change, and I came out with the uniform on and a big smile. I helped Michael put the CDs on the shelfs and went to the cash resister to check someone out. They had Cloudy with a chance of meatballs one and two. They also had gotten 3 5sos albums. I looked at it and smiled. "So you listen to 5sos" I said. "Yea I love 5sos I'm going to their concert tonight" said the customer "Lucky I was trying to get tickets all month but I never got then" I said "I have an extra ticket if you wanna go" said the customer "Thanks I'll take the ticket and we'll go together" I said "Yea lets do it, I just need your phone number and address" said the customer "Ok" I said I gave her my phone number and Address."Bye Gurl" said the customer "bye see u tonight" I said. I think today is my lucky day.

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