I Always Fall For You 2


12. ...

He stands up and walks over to me. His face in shook. "That's where I went, when I asked u the date and you said that it was the 13 I realized I was 2 weeks late. So Tyera told me when we got back she would take me to get tested, so..." "Stevie, I don't know what to say." "Its ok you don't have to know." He goes and sits back on the bed. I walk over and sit beside him. He lays down, sits back up and lays me down beside him. I lay my head on his chest and he puts his arm around me. He starts to run his fingers through my hair. I say "Ash can you tell me what your thinking." "I'm thinking I'm going to be a dad." "Good or Bad?" "Good, I get to spend the rest of my life with the girl I love and get to have a son." "He now we have three more months before we figure out what it is." "Yea but its going to be a boy." I laugh and lay there thinking for the nest 5 min. "Hey Ash, how are we going to explain this to your mom?" "I don't know yet." I slowly fall asleep on his chest. I wake up on his chest and then look up at him. He smiles and says "Good morning, plus its the last week of school." I get up and start to change. Then I look up at Ash and say "Are we going to tell people?" "I don't know." We get our bags and then walk into the kitchen. I grab an apple and walk out the door. Ash does not eat in the mornings, we are heading to school. The day goes by pretty good, I decided not to tell people and Ash agreed. I head to cheer tryouts and we star to stunt. I fly, We are doing a basket then I spin coming down. I spin, I land on my stomach on there hands. There is a sharp pain that runs through my side. Tyera rushes over and says "Are you ok?" I nod and ask to go to doc to get it cheeked out. Coach says yes and tells Tyera to go with me. She puts he arm around my waist to keep me up. I sit against the wall and she says "Is the baby ok?" "I don't know I felt a sharp pain and now I'm sick." I manage to walk to doc and he asks what happened. I tell him then he says "Ok you fall all the time what made it so bad this time?" "Doc I'm pregnant and I landed on my stomach then felt a sharp pain." "You will be fine I think." "Can you like call people out of practice?" "Yea." "I'm going to go back to practice but could you tell Ashton sometime?" "Yes." "Ok, bye Doc." "Bye." Me and Tyera walk back and finish practice. I wait in the car for Ash. I comes and gets in then says "Are you ok, Doc told me what happened." "Yea. I'm fine, just tired." We drive home and start to do homework. Ash's mom walks in.

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