'What if Pokemon are real?'

Sinead never realised when she asked Tom the question where it would lead to. Their lives became fragmented, their


1. Prologue

The box sat on the table, a six inch cubit brown box, slightly battered and bruised from it’s journey. It could be anything really, the normality of it’s appearance belying the contents it purported to enclose. Sinead picked it up with trembling hands and shook it as a child would to discover what it contained. I knew it was heavier than it looked as I’d placed it there to await Sinead’s arrival. She was like a kid at christmas, I could feel the excitement building up in her. She was fizzing as though it was Christmas morning. I smiled inwardly at the memory of our first christmas together. It was the same sort of sensation, why I loved to give presents rather than receive. She was trembling so much that I thought she’s drop it.


She looked into my eyes, the sparkle gleaming bright. She offered to me.


‘You open it’ she said, her voice shaking from the emotions.


I shook my head. It was her moment, not mine. She’d wanted this more than anything and she should open it.


‘Sadashi came through then?’ she said.


I nodded. 


‘Open it’ I said


She sat down at the table, resting her arms on the wooden top, her fingers lightly caressing the box. Now it was here she was hesitant to open it, or maybe she was savouring every minute. You never could tell with Sinead, her mood swings were legendary.


Suddenly she attacked the tape holding the parcel together with a vigour that would have not seen likely a few seconds ago. It refused to be parted from the box, the tape stretching into a thin band, the box collapsing on itself. Just like Sinead, always too eager to get something.


‘Hey’ I said, ‘use these’ handing her a pair of scissors.


She smiled and  attacked the tape with renewed gusto. It gave easily under the sharp steel blades. A bit more fiddling and the top was ready to be opened. She hesitated again the fingers trembling as she pulled the flaps apart. Peeking inside, she gave a little gasp and reached inside. She brought out a bubble wrapped ball. Through the clear plastic, you could make out the red, white and black markings.


Sinead held it like it was the holy grail, which I guess was a good description. She carefully stripped the bubble wrap off and exposed the sleek ball that was below. Even I gasped at it. Cradled in her small hands was a Pokeball.


To be honest I’d been expecting a cheap imitation, something that was obviously a child's toy. This was far from that. It gleamed with what looked like stainless steel edges edging the white and red half. It looked heavy in her hands, something substantial. She turned it over in her hands, the light from the window reflected off it’s surface making it glow. I itched to hold it. Sinead perhaps sensing my thought offered it to me. I felt the same sort of emotions that I’d witnessed in her, the trembling, excitement. Maybe it was the object that did that ?


It felt cool to the touch, shiny making it hard to hold at times as it seemed to want to leap from my grasp. It was reasonably heavy as well although about the weight of a cricket ball. An ideal size and weight to throw I mused to myself and tossed it gently into the air. It was an extremely well engineered piece, not a childs toy at all.


‘Careful’ Sinead said


I examined it more. It looked as though it could be opened although at this moment I couldn’t see how. It was defiantly made of some sort of metal with the familiar white and red hemispheres enamel on the base. I tried to get a fingernail into the join between the two halves but couldn’t. Frustrated I handed it back to Sinead. 


‘How does this thing open?’ Sinead said although I knew she wasn’t asking. She felt every bit of the surface to no avail. Holding it up to the light she tried to make out some hidden blemish that might mean a switch. As she held it up it suddenly toppled from her dropping towards the floor. I tried to grab it in it’s downward rush but failed.


We both watched its decent towards the floor where it bounced once on the carpet rolled over and came to a rest. We both went down on our knees towards it. As we did I heard a small click and I could hear a whirring of gears. As we watched the top of the Pokeball slowly opened. As it did a gas leaked out quickly dispersing into the air around it. 


We both crowded around it. I sniffed the air but didn’t pick up any smell. Some of the gas hung in the bottom of the poke ball but quickly melted away. There was a coolness to the interior and I wondered if it was some sort of frozen gas because it sublimated into the air quickly. We both peered in looking if we could see something. It was empty apart from a piece of paper. Sinead lifted it out and looked at the scrawly black writing on it.


‘Couldn’t get you a real one yet, but this is one of the cyro-containers that they use to ship them. Will be in touch soon - Sadashi’ Sinead read out


She looked at me with those big eyes smiling bright before flinging her arms round my neck.


‘I told you, Pokemon are real’ she shouted, albeit almost shouting. 


It was good to see her so happy.

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