The Criminal's Eyes

Most kids leave their parents at 18 but Katy is not like most kids. She adores her parents and decided to follow in her father's footsteps as a police officer. But, when she's on a chase she catches the eye of a devious criminal. Will Katy find a way around this obstacle or will he draw her away from what matters most?


1. Training

          Katy's muscled figure ran through the obstacle course with ease, jumping over hurdles and sliding under ropes, her golden blonde hair flying behind her with a confident glint in her dark brown eyes. She was a natural. At least, she was after the vigorous training her father put her through. Katy had been raised to be a police officer just like her father, to protect and serve the citizens of Wichita Falls, Texas. She had been born and raised there with the help of her parent's close friends and other assorted town folk.

         After the rest of the new recruits finished the obstacle course to make sure that they were physically fit for the job, the Chief of Police approached them, making them swear to protect and serve the citizens of Wichita Falls and wherever else they may go with their lives. The new badge felt so cold and textured in her hand. She fixed it on her belt as her dad came over and hugged her.

          "I'm so proud of you, Katy." He said affectionately.

          "Thanks dad." Katy replied in her Texan accent.

          "Katy. Can I speak with you please?" The Chief asked. Katy nodded her head and looked at her father with a worried look on her face. He returned the look. Katy walked over to the Chief's office and was told to sit in the chair in front of the rather large desk that took up majority of the room which was covered in stacks of papers. Katy looked at the Chief with that same worried look in her eyes. "Don't worry, you're not in trouble." He said as Katy breathed a sigh of relief and relaxed her expression. "I understand that your father has trained you thoroughly I would like to ask you to consider going straight into the force. I've seen videos of your work and it seems very skilled for someone your age. I just need you to take a quick assessment to make sure you have all the skills you require." Katy thought about it for a moment and nodded.

          "Thank you, Chief. I'd be glad to take this opportunity."

          "Good, " He said, standing up. "Follow me." Katy stood without question and followed the Chief to the training room where he pulled up a screen to begin a simulation for a mission. The Chief handed Katy the headset and simulation gun before removing himself from the room to set up the simulation. Katy stood in the room, placing the headset on her head gently. She mentally prepared herself as the screen lit up. The headset was equipped with an earphone so Katy could hear the directions given from the Chief.

           Katy looked around the virtual map and began walking carefully, her gun poised to shoot in her callused hands  as directions filled her mind to stay alert. Her objective was to apprehend a criminal that was reported of a break-in at a nearby store. The Chief told her to quicken her pace to reach the criminal before he left the store. After reaching the location, Katy slowed her pace as to not disturb the criminal. She heard movement and swung into the store, gun raised and ready to shoot.

          "Hands up!" She yelled to the thief as he whirled around, a bag full of jewels on his back and ski mask over his face. She radioed in and the Chief told her backup was on it's way. Suddenly, the criminal swiftly began to sprint towards the back exit. Katy broke into a run to catch up. She gained on him as his stamina wasn't as good as her's was. She finally leaped with a small grunt and tackled the perpetrator. She pulled out her cuffs and tightened them around his wrists. Katy pulled him to his feet as hologram back-up came to the rescue. The holograms pulled off his ski mask and he turned around, facing Katy, in an attempt to get away. Just in that second when he looked back at her, she saw dazzling bright blue eyes surrounded by a deeply chiseled face. Her knees wobbled slightly with glee but she regained her posture as the Chief told her to remove the headset. When she did, she blinked for a second, retraining her eyes to see in that light. She heard clapping and saw the entire group of trainees mixed with some experienced police, including her dad, surrounding the Chief. Katy beamed with joy as she left the simulation room and was met by the Chief who smiled and handed her a certificate saying that she passed and that she was an official member of the Wichita Falls P.D..

          After that exciting day, Katy's dad brought her to a semi-formal restaurant with her mom so that both parents could congratulate her. Katy smiled and nodded absently, still thinking about those eyes. When Katy's mom left to use the restroom, Katy asked her dad if he had used the simulation recently.

          "Yes, why?" He asked curiously.

          "Do you know who the criminal is? He seems too detailed to be a made-up person for the sake of police simulation." Katy reasoned.

          "His name is Dennis Wolfly. He's one of the station's most wanted criminals."

          "Okay, thanks dad." Katy's mood dropped a little. The family began eating again and left after paying the check. Katy flopped on her bed in her small apartment building next to her parent's house. She pulled her laptop from her bedside table to her bed to do a little research about Dennis Wolfly.



Author's note

Hello everyone and welcome to another story. I hope you all are enjoying this so far! If everyone could give me some advice on how to make the story better, that'd be great. I really hope you all will enjoy many more chapters after this and will perhaps decide to check out some of my other stories. Bye!!

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