The Criminal's Eyes

Most kids leave their parents at 18 but Katy is not like most kids. She adores her parents and decided to follow in her father's footsteps as a police officer. But, when she's on a chase she catches the eye of a devious criminal. Will Katy find a way around this obstacle or will he draw her away from what matters most?


2. The First Mission

          The next day Katy woke up, her eyes filled with sleep. She felt her medium-length hair and groaned as it was very tangled. She got up and changed into her new uniform and attached her badge. She then walked to the bathroom to try to get this mess on her head into a respectable ponytail. After doing so, Katy brushed her teeth then went to the kitchen to have a peanut butter-banana muffin with a tall glass of milk. When she had just finished putting her dishes in the dishwasher there was a knock on her door from her father to make sure she was ready for her first day. Katy marched to the door and swung it open, revealing her father in his uniform, his brown hair with specks of white combed nicely and his matching mustache.

         "Look at you, my beautiful Katy all grown up!" Her father exclaimed, pulling her into a giant bear hug.

          "Uhm, dad?" Katy rasped out of her squished lungs. "Can't. Breathe. Too. Tight."

         "Oh, whoops." Her father said, releasing her from his tight grasp. Katy was trying to catch her breath when her father grabbed her hand and pulled her out the door to the car. They got to the station and traded their beat up old Mercedes-Benz for a squad car. They patrolled around town with their station radio on to catch the scent of any crimes being called in. They got a couple of calls but they were too far to do any good so other officers dealt with it until they got a call from a local bank that was only a block away. They turned on the siren and zoomed there. A couple of other officers were there, motioning for Katy and her father to be quiet. They pulled out their guns and entered from all entrances so the criminal had nowhere to go. 

          "We have the building surrounded. There's nowhere to go!" Called an officer to the figure standing with a bag full of money. As the figure turned, Katy could have sworn she'd seen him before. That's when it hit her. It was the man from the simulation! She saw his bright blue eyes flash by as he pulled out a gun, shot an officer and ran, shots being fired after him. The squad took off after him in a run. Katy led the group trying to catch up to him before shooting whilst her comrades were firing brigades of bullets after the criminal. Katy focused all of her energy into catching this criminal and she was brought back to the simulation. It seemed as though as time had slowed once again as she leapt and tackled the man. He turned, trying to wriggle free as Katy pinned him down and turned him back around, pulling off his mask. Back-up came but Katy had been surprised when he had turned once again and Katy saw his chiseled, scratched face up close. They exchanged a glance and Katy let her muscles relax as he just stared at her with a small smile on his face. Well, until the squad came and pulled her up and cuffed him before shoving his large, muscled body into the police cruiser. He and Katy shared one last glance and a wink from the criminal before his head disappeared into the car. They brought him to the station and the Chief put him into the high security cell so that he couldn't escape once again before he got his official sentence. Katy approached the cell cautiously seeing a figure in the dark corner of his cell. She shined her flashlight to see him better but all she saw was the empty cell.

         "Um, guys? We have a problem!" She called to the station. They all rushed over to see the lack of criminal.

          "Damn it!" The Chief yelled as he slammed his hand on the table next to him. "Spread out around the building and find him!" The entirety of the police department followed his instructions and left the building, covering as much as they could. Katy took a couple of blocks down that mostly consists of dark alleys. Suddenly, a hand clamped over her mouth and a strong arm wrapped around her body from behind as she was dragged into the shadows with muffled screaming.

         "Shhh, it's okay." A deep, husky voice whispered into her ear. Surprisingly enough to Katy, she was calmed by the voice. Then she realized it was the chloroform pressed on her face. She felt the hands adjusting to hold her properly as she fainted, the world becoming dark as her captor's face came into view.

          "Dennis." Katy rasped out before falling into a deep sleep.

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