My bad boy



Today I got up and did the usual girl shit. When I got out the house I grabbed my case of weed and a random book.I am going to my friends house to party

When I got there they had already started drinking and I started to look for rose my friend all a sodden I ran in to a muscular chest I looked up and there was a hot guy with tattoos.He said,“Oh shit I'm sorry can I help u get that off".I didn't know what he was talking about so I looked down and there was a red stain on my shirt.Sure I said.We went to the kitchen and he got a wet towel and was trying to get it off.its ok I said.he stopped and pulled out a cig and started smoking he asked me if I wanted one but I had a better idea I had a case of weed so I grabbed his hand and told him to follow me upstairs in a spare room.we sat on the bed he asked me what were we doing up here so I opened the case and he said your the girl for me and he smiled.we started to smoke a lot then he said let's go drive around so we did then he told me to stop somewhere he told me to stay but I followed him he looked back and smiled we walked in this old looking barn and there was a bar and a bunch of cute guys but Chris was better looking.

Chris took me in this room I assume is his office he told me to set down I did as told and he said do u care if I am in a gang?

I looked at him for a minute and smiled no babe I don't

Ok guys I really suck at this so yeah lol.

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