My Unusual life/ Chapter 1

A normal teen goes through her own world. this is inspired from girl meets world but more realistic like life in the real world


1. STARTING NOW-chapter 1

(keep in mind that this is fake)

                     Summer's coming , the sun is bright, people having fun ,except for me...................

 My name is Annie Grim , the daughter of Jack and Susan Grim. I just moved here, to california. '' Mom can't i just be homeschooled?'' a question i always ask to mom, she always replies '' puberty?'' , then i get flustred . 10th grade isn't something i'm happy of , plus the reason my parents and i are moving is because i had a fight with my ''friend'', i became goth-like because ....... i like someone, but i already have a boyfriend and i couldn't break up with him  because he's my best friend's brother , if i do i'm afraid i might not to see her anymore. Her name is Diana Saturn but i call her 'Nitendo' since she loves collecting games. we've been best friends since 5 years old. 


    The day i enterend my new school ''FGMS school'' (Author's note : it stands for fiction girls middle school) everyone started staring at me , why?, well you see by yourself.

while everyone was wearing this i was only wearing this

i didn't know this school was in love with mean girls , yes, it was a pink thursday

-to be continued-

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