Harry's Last Gift

(One Direction Fanfic) Madison Is a 20 year old professional doctor that gets an emergency call to operate on 1 person who has been severally hurt during a flight crash. He and 4 other boys were also in the plane and are only minorly hurt. little does she know how if she saves this boys life how her own life will change.


9. Chapter 9: Stalker fans

I opened my eyes to a beating sun blaring through the spaces between my blinds creating long shadows. I lifted my head to glance at the clock on my bedside table 10:17am not too late i guess.

I jumped at a ringing noise coming from a bag at the end of my room near the door, i suddenly became very aware of how quiet it was in the room with the ringing still going which echoed throughout the room and my ears.

I slowly stood and walked carefully over to the unknown bag and took out the phone inside of it, I noticed on the cover it had a picture of me and Harry on it and came to a conclusion that it was harry's phone. The phone number was an unknown phone number so i was unsure of whether i should pick it up. suddenly i became very curious. What if it was another girl, a fan, was he being stalked. I quickly answered the phone with a hello, ready to end the call immediately if it was a screaming fan.

There was no reply but i heard soft breathing on the other end of the line, then it spoke.

"Come to *insert isolated place* come alone, if you tell anyone i will find and kill your family, don't underestimate me."

The call ended and i stood in shock, they didn't say what time so i am guessing now. but how will i get out without harry noticing, they obviously wanted something from Harry but i don't know what, i am his girlfriend so it's basically my job to find out.

A creaking noise and footsteps suddenly snapped me awake as a hand touched my shoulder, i turned to see harry standing at an open door looking at me inquisitively.

H : Is that my phone? ... it is. who was calling?

i fumbled for words and finally answered : A fan but i hung up on them.

He didn't seem convinced but headed downstairs. I knew he didn't believe me but i had to help him without worrying him.


I rushed out of the house, car keys in hand and bounded into the car. i brought extra clothes and a knife just in case.

After entering an empty street i parked at the end of it and began walking towards the address, 13 it was, i considered it unlucky but walked on ahead.

The further into the street i walked the more i felt like i was being watched, followed even.

I stopped infront of an abandoned hospital, moss covering the walls and broken, covered up windows made the situation even more intimidating, i clambered inside the house and began walking through the eerily long hallway. my footsteps creaking on each step i took.

I was pushed into a room and my mouth covered up by a cold hand.

I screamed but only muffled voices came out, i bit on the persons hand and ran for the door only to be stopped by a Girl!?

I stopped, and she looked at me with scary eyes. "don't go out there, he's waiting for you, we need to hide.

She took my hand and guided me through a maze of rooms and corridors refusing to answer any of my questions.

We made it to a room and she pushed me into a chair only to be taped to it by two other girls waiting there.

They all laughed as i cowered away scolding myself for following her.


"Now", said the first one "call harry down here, don't say why, sound happy, yadayadayada or we'll kill you"

They rummaged through my bag and pulled out the knife and flung it to the other side of the room, they gave me my phone and i called harry it was now 3:29pm

H: Maddison, where ave you been we have been looking everywhere for you.

M:harry listen closely, i need you to come to *address 13th* i have a surprise for you.

I quickly hung up the phone.

What do you want, i spat at the girls who just laughed again and resumed into their hiding places awaiting harry.


I heard slow footsteps coming closer to the door and it swing open, Harry's worried filled eyes met mine and he ran forward trying to untie me. I wriggled, trying to warn him but he took no notice and was tied up himself. it was then that the girls declared what they wanted.

"breakup with her harry, and i will be your girlfriend"

H: i'll never breakup with Maddison for anyone like you, i love her and you can't change that

"oh really now, what if she were dead, or better, both of you"

H: I can't" I glared at harry for making stupid decisions which would get us killed.


The blonde girl pulled out a gun and shot harry, they all scattered away.

harry fell unconscious and i pulled with all my strength and finally got free from the ropes. I called the ambulance and they ran me through the procedure of putting harry into the recovery position.

I heard sirens, and blurred red and blue lights coming closer and a fresh wave of tears came.

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