Harry's Last Gift

(One Direction Fanfic) Madison Is a 20 year old professional doctor that gets an emergency call to operate on 1 person who has been severally hurt during a flight crash. He and 4 other boys were also in the plane and are only minorly hurt. little does she know how if she saves this boys life how her own life will change.


4. Chapter 4: The Truth

As I stepped foot into harry's room i saw him peacefully sleeping on his bed. I found a seat in the corner and would wait ill he woke up, awhile later He flickered his eyes open and his eyes gave an emotion of panic but as soon as his eyes landed on me his eyes returned to the calm, shining emerald ones I knew.

"How can I help you?" I asked politely trying to break the silence of it not being so awkward.

He smiled cheekily before answering

"Only if you can answer 1 question for me"

"ok, tell me." I replied.

"what happened?"

"do you knw what I do for a living?" i questioned. and he replied with no.

" I am a doctor, and this morning I got called to work here on an emergency airplane that crashed, Yes, It was your airplane." I paused and took a deep breath "I operated on you --

"Oh.. Thank you so much, you practically saved my life---

"NO!" I yelled and got answered by his shocked face. "Harry" I looked him in the eyes "I didn't save your life. I ruined it."


*Skip passed the awkward convo*


we ended up chatting and laughing together. I've never felt so happy around anyone else.

Harry: Maddison, do you mind me asking you a question?

Maddison: No what is it?

Harry: Will you go on a date with me? we could go out for dinner tonight at this great Italian place I know. Just don't tell people.


After being dropped home I rushed to my closet to look for elegant dresses, I glanced at the clock on the way and it read 4:30. I know right plenty of time. But I still have to be ready.

After searching for ages I came across a Box lying at the back of my closet and my breath hitched. My mum's favourite dress. A tear slid down my face as memories of her came rushing back. I opened the box and her scent filled my nose. I missed her so much. Inside the box lay an unharmed royal blue dress

I quickly slid it on and waited for Harry to pick me up. Tonight was going to be interesting.


A/N I hope you guys enjoyed that chapter and if you want me to update more regularly show me some love by liking this book and commenting ideas down below because i'm currently having writers block. Thank you

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