Harry's Last Gift

(One Direction Fanfic) Madison Is a 20 year old professional doctor that gets an emergency call to operate on 1 person who has been severally hurt during a flight crash. He and 4 other boys were also in the plane and are only minorly hurt. little does she know how if she saves this boys life how her own life will change.


3. Chapter 3: Emergency

I slowly blinked the darkness away after last night and the memories came flooding back.

Harry, I sighed in defeat finally accepting the fact that he was gone. On his flight. Away from me.


All of a sudden I heard 'Ping, Ping' of my phone ringing. I slowly reached my hand to the side and fumbled my phone in my hands. I didn't bother looking at the caller ID and just answered.

M: Hello?

Stranger:  MADDISON! Get down to the Hospital at once, there has been an accident. A plane crashed this morning and everyone on board is injured, you need to operate on them NOW!

I jumped out of bed, Adrenalin rushed through my veins that pushed me onward.



I arrived at the hospital ten minutes later and rushed into the operating room to find a dead body.

I fell to my knees and let the tears fall.

: Madison, you are not operating on the dead body. don't be silly now hurry up. you need to do a heart transplant


I leapt to my feet pushing the tears away and focusing on another body lying on an operating table.

I slowly observed the heart planning in my head what process i would do.

Halfway through the operation I felt my stomach churned upside down and felt like vomiting. I lurched backwards accidentally cutting the bodies heart. as I fell to the ground I saw flashing red lights and people screaming for whatever.

I fought to not let the darkness engulf me by trying to get up and see the damage.

As I slipped into darkness I finally realized I may have just cost a life by my own stupid actions.


I slowly awakened in a bed. I dashed out of bed into the hallway before the nurses could catch me. I sneakily ran to the managers desk and pulled out the files of today operations.

My eye caught a glipse of those same emerald eyes. and stopped dead.

I saw his rooom number '267'


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