Harry's Last Gift

(One Direction Fanfic) Madison Is a 20 year old professional doctor that gets an emergency call to operate on 1 person who has been severally hurt during a flight crash. He and 4 other boys were also in the plane and are only minorly hurt. little does she know how if she saves this boys life how her own life will change.


2. Chapter 2: The party

I parked my car the next street down because knowing Michael's parties and what he could do, I didn't want my precious so close by.

On the way to his house I walked Slowly hoping that Rebecca would already be there or at least hurry up.


I stepped through the doors of his rather big and luxurious house the dupstep and rap music was blasted from every speaker, People already drunk and wasted, I hastily walked past them and sat down at the bar and took out my phone to check where she was.

I tried to make an angry concentrated face to keep people away but it didn't work.

Stranger: Hey girl, do you want me to buy you a drink?

M (Madison): No thank you I don't know you" I said without looking up.

Stranger: Come on" He grabbed my hand and I lurched away instantly kicking him in the stomach only to realise it was Michael.

With a groan Michael fell over and I rushed to his side. He may have broken me but I was still a good person.

After assuring me he was fine with an angry-trying-to-be-nice tone he stumbled away. I sat back on the chair and ordered myself a drink. And another. I knew he hated me and I couldn't change that for the life of me. So I drank away my sorrows, One by one.


5 drinks later I felt a tap on my shoulder and groggily turned around to look who it was but ended up falling into the arms of Rebecca. I jumped in my seat so happy to see my best friend. After a quick explanation of why she was late and left into the crowd leaving me alone once again. 

I felt a soft tap on my shoulder and turned once again feeling dizzy, My eyes met piercing green ones, with a beautiful white smile, and curly brown hair. I was entranced but quickly snapped out of it as I noticed I was gaping like a fish.

M: hi, who are you?

Stranger: I'm harry, I just came to see what was going on

M: yeah, me too. do you want to go and sit on the porch outside.


I soon found myself squeezing closer to harry on the seat as we laughed and chatted about our lives.

I heard the door squeak open behind us and turned, only to have the smile fall from my face into a horrified expression.

Michael wandered out through the door and punched harry in the face.

I quickly darted into the corner not wanting to get in the way as i watched Harry and Michael fight.

I heard parts of speech

"stay away from my girlfriend"

A loud punch was heard after that and a crowd cheering.

I saw Rebecca running towards me through the crowd, she hugged me tightly and only then did i realise I was crying.

Harry soon walked over to us and offered us a ride home, we both agreed.

on the way back harry explained that he was on tour for his singing career and was leaving on a flight to new york today.

we said our goodbye's and I silently prayed I would see his beautiful face again


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