Harry's Last Gift

(One Direction Fanfic)
Madison Is a 20 year old professional doctor that gets an emergency call to operate on 1 person who has been severally hurt during a flight crash. He and 4 other boys were also in the plane and are only minorly hurt. little does she know how if she saves this boys life how her own life will change.


11. Chapter 11: 2 years later

Maddison's POV:

Me and harry are happily married now.

Me, Harry and the rest of the guys and their girlfriends are all huddled around a table celebrating the new year when harry stands up and declares a toast.

H: I'd like to thank everyone for coming, and I have a special gift for my beautiful wife.

He nods towards me and I slowly push my chair back and stand walking towards him, my long, cream dress flowing behind me as I do so. The table is dead silent admiring the moment.

Harry pulls out a small box and I open it revealing a gold necklace, it had the silhouettes of 2 parents and a daughter together and underneath in cursive writing 'Family'

This is why I love harry so much, he is very appreciating and helping towards everyone he meets, I'm glad I will be spending the rest of my life with him.

I ask him why he's giving me so many gifts

H: Because I can't wait for the last gift I give you

He smiles with love and sorrow in his eyes, he's been acting strange all week.


The guests have left and it's just me and harry clearing the dishes.

M: what did you mean when you said you last gift

H: .... You'll soon understand

With that last word he swiftly leaves the table and I hear his door close and lock. Ever since we got married harry has been asking that we have kids now, I always thought it was too early but I think I have a clue of what's happening to him.

I slowly walk up the stairs towards our bedroom and knock quietly. the door opens to reveal Harry, his green eyes and curly hair beautiful as always. I lean towards him and whisper in his ear.

M: I love you

I kiss him on the lips and sit on the bed.

*skip awkward baby making scene*

Once I was pronounced pregnant by doctors at the hospital I was able to get a long time off work, Harry was so happy his eyes danced in the light shining with happiness for the first time in forever. His smile was a real one and not forced.

I open our bedroom door and see harry watching a movie on his computer, I hop in bed and pull the covers over me resting on harry as we watched titanic through the night and fell asleep in each others arms.

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