my lifesaver

Mackenzie lives with her abusive family, she feels the need to run away that's when she bumps into a harry from 1D on the street and harry offers her to come and live with him for a couple of weeks until she finds out what's going on with her family. but Mackenzie realizes that she's falling for harry styles and harry styles is falling for Mackenzie as well


10. visiting harry

I woke up in Louis's house trying to adjust of what happened last night with harry, i couldn't imagine what would happen if i lost harry. i was interrupted by Louis " hey you should go and visit harry" " yeah i will" i replied. i got into my car and drove to the hospital. i finally got there, " excuse me." i said to the receptionist " can i see harry" i said " of course he is in room 56" i looked for room 56 and saw my harry lying there asleep with machines all over him. i walked in and sat on a chair

me: harry if you can hear me i want you to know i love you so very much and i don't want to loose you.

i knew he wouldn't answer he was in a deep sleep

i started crying i couldn't help it, i loved him so much and i don't want to loose him.

the doctor came in

doctor: i got some news for you

Me: what is it?

doctor: the only thing keeping him alive is a machine.

Me: what! how are we going to keep him alive without the machine?

Doctor: well someone has got to risk their life for him and donate their kidney 

Me: what if someone doesn't donate

Doctor: then harry is gone! we only have 24 hours for someone to donate.

Me: * starts to tear up*

Doctor: it's okay someone will donate.

*1 hour later*

i started thinking who would donate? who would risk their life for my beautiful Harry.

Doctor: Someone is donating, its a guy with brown slik hair 

Me: * walks in too see who the donator is*

Me: *Gasps* nooooo!!! louis * goes up and hug him for the last time*

Louis: i am doing this for you and for harry you guys are my best buddies

Me: * starts crying* i going to miss you 

Louis: i going to miss you too

* louis heads in the room to get his kidney out*

Me: * on the floor crying* 



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