my lifesaver

Mackenzie lives with her abusive family, she feels the need to run away that's when she bumps into a harry from 1D on the street and harry offers her to come and live with him for a couple of weeks until she finds out what's going on with her family. but Mackenzie realizes that she's falling for harry styles and harry styles is falling for Mackenzie as well


8. the wedding

i woke up with excitement today I am getting married to the one I love the most harry styles.

I went down stairs to see if harry was home I peeked through the stairs and saw that nobody was there, harry must've gone to get ready with his boys (one direction).

so I guess I should go and get ready for the wedding I called up my friends that are going to be my bridesmaid perrie Edwards, Taylor swift, Gigi hadid and Kendall jenner . I got into my dress and taylor and perrie helped me put the dress on and gigi did my makeup and then kendall did my hair. I was all ready to go I got into a limo and we drove down to the beach where we are getting married everyone is there waiting and the thing that caught my eye was harry standing there in a black suit standing there with his long hair, all the bridesmaid started walking down the aisle and I came behind them the song we were walking down the aisle with was long way down by one direction, I happy tear came down my eye I couldn't believe I was getting married.

[1 hour later]


we went to the function room there was fairy lights and a dance floor " would you like this dance" harry asked " I would love too" I replied he took my hand and we danced to little things. suddenly harry lets go and goes on stage and asked for the microphone " this song is for the love of my life, Mackenzie" I started to tear up he started singing gotta be you for a bit and got off the stage and went up to me and sang, it was so sweet.

it was the end of the wedding we went home and went to sleep this was the best wedding ever.

I love harry so much.



thank you for reading this chapter

hope you liked it


-till till x

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