my lifesaver

Mackenzie lives with her abusive family, she feels the need to run away that's when she bumps into a harry from 1D on the street and harry offers her to come and live with him for a couple of weeks until she finds out what's going on with her family. but Mackenzie realizes that she's falling for harry styles and harry styles is falling for Mackenzie as well


2. the runaway

I was in my room bored I felt this feeling that I should runaway but then I thought for a moment "what if dad finds out I ran away" well he will have to deal with it anyway why would he care he doesn't even like me.

[1 hour later]

"that's it I am sick of this family" I said with anger as I opened the bedroom window and climbed up onto the windows ledge and jumped off onto the ground, don't worry your probably thinking ouch that must of hurt but It didn't it was only 1 story. As soon as I jumped out the window it started pouring down rain "well this is great" I exclaimed as I kept running every step I took I was thinking how good it would feel to be away from my horrible family I kept running and running and running and BANG! I bumped into this stranger he was tall green eyes and  curly brown hair I was in a trance for about 5 seconds and then I snapped out of it when he said "are you okay?" "yes I am fine" I replied to the stranger " what's your name?" he asked "Mackenzie, what's yours?" " harry, harry styles" he smiled back to me " what makes you here?" he questioned " I am running away" I sighed " why?" harry replied " my father abuses me" I said with sadness " oh im sorry" he said understandingly " do you have anywhere to stay?" he asked " oh no I don't" I said looking down at my feet " would you like to stay with me?" he asked nicely "um are you sure?" "yes im am positive" he said "ok" I replied.

he put out his hand out as if he wanted me to hold his hand I didn't know what to do, what if he doesn't want me to hold his hand but then what if he does want me to hold his hand, oh whatever I will just do it so a leaned my hand into his and showed me to his house as we were walking I looked at his face he was smiling I felt him squeeze my hands more, I liked it, it made me feel comforting.

{5 minutes later}

we arrived at his house It looked so big and luxurious " do you like it?" Harry's voice called as he was closing the door " yeah its very cosy and luxurious" I replied " come here I will show you to your bedroom" we walked upstairs and he showed me my room it was massive and comforting I have never seen anything like this " do you like it?" harry said scratching the back of his head " yes it is beautiful thank you for letting me stay here" I replied " well If you need me I am the bedroom next door to you" he said with a smile " okay well thank heaps" i said "well i will leave you to it" harry exclaimed

i felt this connection between me and harry he is so cute and very nice and comforting im glad i bumped into him.



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