my lifesaver

Mackenzie lives with her abusive family, she feels the need to run away that's when she bumps into a harry from 1D on the street and harry offers her to come and live with him for a couple of weeks until she finds out what's going on with her family. but Mackenzie realizes that she's falling for harry styles and harry styles is falling for Mackenzie as well


4. the confession

Harry's POV

I woke up from a rough night of thinking about Mackenzie I think I had feelings for her and I still do. I just don't know how to tell her. what if she doesn't like me?. there is so much going through my head right now. it was time for me to get ready for the day I went up to Mackenzie's room and knocked on the door "come in" I heard a voice from the room call I opened the door and saw a beautiful Mackenzie she had some baggy tracksuit pants and a loose white shirt that looked to big for her and then I realized that that shirt was mine she probably didn't have anything else to wear. I was okay with her wearing my shirt " what did you come here for?" Mackenzie asked " well I just wanted to say if you would want to go the cinemas" I said scratching the back of my head nervously " yeah sure, what movie?" " any movie you want" " okay what about suicide squad" she requested " okay" I agreed  we got into my car and headed to the cinemas


we finally got to the cinemas and got some popcorn and pop tarts and headed to the theatre we sat on our assigned seats in the middle of the cinema the movie was starting. I put my hand around Mackenzie I saw her face as I did it she was smiling. maybe she does like me?

( 2 hours later)

I lead Mackenzie to the beach the sun was setting this was a good time to confess my love for Mackenzie

Mackenzie's POV

we were walking on the beach the sun was setting everything was beautiful I looked at harry it looked like he wanted to say something " hey Mackenzie I was wondering if you" harry said looking nervous " what is it you know you can tell me" I said to comfort him" well I know this is a bit early know but would you be my girlfriend?" harry said nervously " OMG!! yes" I replied with excitement harry was leaning in for a kiss I leaned in and gave him his kiss. I am so happy I cant believe it. we headed back to his house and had some pizza for dinner i am so happy but what if my dad finds out?



sorry for the short chapter but hoped you liked this please like and favourite if you haven't already x

till till xx

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