my lifesaver

Mackenzie lives with her abusive family, she feels the need to run away that's when she bumps into a harry from 1D on the street and harry offers her to come and live with him for a couple of weeks until she finds out what's going on with her family. but Mackenzie realizes that she's falling for harry styles and harry styles is falling for Mackenzie as well


5. kidnapped

Makenzie's POV

I was going out for a walk with harry just down the street to the shops when I realized we are going past my house where my abusive dad is "hey harry is there a different way we can go?" I asked harry "no why" " well that is my dads house and I don't really want to you know let him see me", " don't worry I will protect you". we were heading up the street and we went past my old house where my dad was I quickly hid behind harry holding his shoulders hoping that my dad wont see. I saw the door handle move my dad came out and saw us walking " Mackenzie what are you doing come right now!" my dad yelled with anger I quickly ran away with harry down the street and hid in a small alley way we waited a couple of minutes we silently headed out of the alley way and looked both ways to see if my dad was there, he wasn't so we could finally take a breath " how about you go and wait out here and I will go in the shops" harry said " okay" I watched harry walking into the shops I couldn't believe that I can call him mine I turned around and as I did a hand covered my mouth, the person took me into this black van with me in the front seat I screamed for harry " SHUT UP!!" the person that kidnapped me said as he slapped me in the face I couldn't see his face he had a black hoodie on I looked out the window and I didn't see harry anywhere. the car suddenly stopped and arrived at this familiar place hang on this was my old house so my dad must've kidnapped me I screamed so loud for harry to hear me but it was no use no one was coming for me. dad pushed me into this dark room and punched me in the face I suddenly blacked out.

 I suddenly woke up it was morning I had slept here overnight but it looks like no one is here to come and save me so I guess I am living here again. the door knob was turning and I was freaking out on who it is was it my abusive mean father or was it my beautiful sweet boyfriend harry coming to save me. the door opened it was my beautiful sweet harry I was finally free again. I got up from my knees and ran towards him and jumped on him I had my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck "you are safe with me now he is not coming back" harry said looking down at my lips and smiling " what did you do?" I asked smiling and looking at his lips " well lets just say he is not coming back ever again" harry exclaimed and leaned in for a kiss I kissed him back " lets get you out of this prison place" he said holding me bridal style as we walked out I saw the police holding a gun there was blood everywhere I looked down and saw my dead father lying on the ground. I am glad he is dead he didn't seem like a great dad.

we got home and went upstairs to my bed cause it has been a long day and harry went to his I fell asleep as soon as I hit the pillow but then I heard a knock on the door I woke up immediately and opened the door to the bedroom I saw a harry with no t-shirt on only boxers " hey sorry to wake you but now that we are you know together I was wondering you want to sleep with me" harry said nervously scratching his head " of course you can baby" I flirted I looked down and all I was wearing was a bra and some tracksuit pants. we headed to his room well now my room and I squeezed my arm under his and I fell asleep safely in his arms.



hey guys hope you liked this chapter

the competition is about to end but it is going to end the day I come back from camp so I only

have today and tomorrow to update so  please can you guys support me through this and

write some ideas for chapter 6

thank you xx

- Till Till


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