The Bad Boy's Good Girl

"Yes Liyah?"
"Is that you on the TV with the gun."
Harry sighed, "Yes. Yes it is."
Liyah Brown is your average 17-year-old nerd. She has thick-rimmed black glasses and wears clothes that hide her body and has never been to a party before. She has long blonde hair and light blue. Liyah knows she isn't fat, but to her she is exactly 'pretty' either.
She has no confidence until five hot new guys come to Varsity High.
And everything changes for Liyah.


3. T W O

“Hello everyone my name is…” Our new biology teacher started.

“Um hello Ms Riley?” Our Vice-Principal, Mr Scott entered into our class. “You have some new students in your class. Their names are Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles.”

It felt like time had stopped to Liyah as she started at the Green eyed, dimpled smile boy called Harry. Harry started at the beautiful girl sitting by herself, the way that her long blonde hair was like a curtain blocking her face from him. He briefly wondered why the entire table she was sitting in was unoccupied. They locked eyes for a moment and Liyah blushed.

“Uh why hello there boys. Please sit where ever you want.”

Louis smiled, “Thank you.” He and the other boys slipped down to the back table seating in the empty seats. Harry slid into one, next to Liyah. 

“Hello there Love, What’s your name?”

Liyah blushed, “Why do you cared?”

“Because I think you beautiful and want to get to you darling.”

Liyah snickered, “Yeah right. Are you here to tease poor, little, nerdy Liyah like the rest?”

Harry smiled, “So your name is Liyah? Well that’s a beautiful name.” His face turned serious, “What’s this about people teasing you?”

Hearing these words, Niall, who was sitting on Harry’s other side said, “Has someone been picking on Harry’s new friend? My name is Niall by the way.” Liyah smiled at the blonde haired boy. But before she could reply Liam cut in, “Hello there darling I’m Liam.” He extended his hand out to Liyah, she grabbed it and shook it. Zayn coughed and Liyah looked up to the black-haired boy, “Hello Love, I’m Zayn.” He flashed her a small smile. All the boys look at the other boy sitting at the table but not introducing himself. Liam nudged him and he slowly looked up as his eyes poured into Liyah, memories she had almost forgotten about came flooding back to her like a tidal wave.


“Liyah. Come play outside with me!” Louis yelled from outside Liyah’s window. She grabbed her feet and quickly stuffed them into her sneakers. Louis was waiting patiently when she came outside a few minutes later. Liyah ran up to Louis and hugged him tightly, he was her best friend, they were only 7 but they had and amazing friendship. In his hand Louis held a small box. His eyes were red-rimmed and Liyah quickly asked what was wrong. Louis sighed, “Look Liyah I’m sorry to have to tell you this but we are moving to Chicago.”

Liyah stared at him in disbelief, “What?”

“Were moving.”

Liyah started to sob. Louis hugged her tightly and gave her the box, “Don’t open it until I have gone ok?” Liyah nodded mutely. Louis kissed her forehead and sighed, “Goodbye Liyah. Don’t worry I will be back soon.”


Liyah stared at him, “L-Louis is that really you?”

All the boys stared at Louis but he ignored them, “Um hey Li?” Liyah replied by jumping out of her seat and tackling Louis to the floor, “Why are you here Lou?”

“Lou?” questioned Harry. Louis never let them call him that, but alas both Liyah and Louis ignored him.

Liyah clicked her tongue waiting for an answer. Louis sighed and slowly pulled himself off the floor. “Did ya miss me?”

“Um Miss Brown or Mr Tomlinson? Can you please explain what you two are doing?” Ms Riley questioned, turning the whole classes attention on them. Normally, Liyah, being the nerd she is would have blushed and stuttered but not today. Liyah simply picked up her bag, said, “Nothing Ms. I was just leaving.” And walked out of the classroom. Ms Riley yelled after her and the boys that quickly followed her, “Detention this afternoon all of you!” Liyah sighed but kept walking until she was on the school’s basketball courts and stopped, “Okay Louis and friends. Start talking now!”

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