The Bad Boy's Good Girl

"Yes Liyah?"
"Is that you on the TV with the gun."
Harry sighed, "Yes. Yes it is."
Liyah Brown is your average 17-year-old nerd. She has thick-rimmed black glasses and wears clothes that hide her body and has never been to a party before. She has long blonde hair and light blue. Liyah knows she isn't fat, but to her she is exactly 'pretty' either.
She has no confidence until five hot new guys come to Varsity High.
And everything changes for Liyah.


4. T H R E E

Liam cleared this throat. Liyah glared at him, “You okay there?”

Liam smiled sarcastically at her, “I gotta question for ya, love.”


“Why,” Liam looked in Louis’ direction, “Does he look like he’s about to cry.”

Every turned to look at Louis, he was playing with the silver chain around his neck and had tears in his eyes. The chain had an ‘L’ on it.

“You still have that?” Liyah questioned. Pulling out her chain, it was the same as Louis’.

“Of course I do Liy.” Louis replied, taking a step towards Liyah. “Look Liyah, I’m sorry.”

Liyah stepped backwards, “What are you sorry about Louis? Lying? Or was it about the thing with Regan?” Venom laced in her voice.


Liyah snickered, “Is that honestly all you have to say for yourself?”

“Uh what is this conversation about?” Niall suddenly interrupted.

Louis sighed, “Promise you guys won’t hate me?”

“Why would we hate you?” Asked Harry, “What could be so bad?”

Louis growled, “Answer the bloody question.”

Zayn and Liam looked at each other. They had never seen Louis get like this, they had no idea what was happening and the girl that was shooting daggers in Louis’ direction.  

“Sure…” They answered hesitantly.

Louis gave them a small smile, “Sorry.”

“So what happened between you two?” Zayn asked.

“It’s a long story.” Liyah said.

“We got time, Love.”

Everyone looked at Louis, “Looks like I’m telling the story then. So Liyah and I meet in kindergarten. We became fast friends. Turns out we were next door neighbours as well and our parents worked together so we often when to each other’s houses for dinner. From then on out we were like two peas in a pod. No teacher even tried to separate us, because the knew it was useless."

Louis took a couple of steps towards Liyah, so he was right in front of her.

Liyah closed her eyes and sigh, then she quickly leaned forward and kissed him.


I'm sorry that I haven't updated sooner. I have had some writer block xx

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