The Bad Boy's Good Girl

"Yes Liyah?"
"Is that you on the TV with the gun."
Harry sighed, "Yes. Yes it is."
Liyah Brown is your average 17-year-old nerd. She has thick-rimmed black glasses and wears clothes that hide her body and has never been to a party before. She has long blonde hair and light blue. Liyah knows she isn't fat, but to her she is exactly 'pretty' either.
She has no confidence until five hot new guys come to Varsity High.
And everything changes for Liyah.


2. O N E


"Liyah. Get up! Breakfast!" 

Liyah groaned but replied, "Ok Jake. I’ll be down in 5!”

Liyah’s older brother, Jake, was the most annoying person that Liyah has ever met. He was also the King of double standards. His latest one was sitting on the bench when Liyah got downstairs after getting ready.

“Ok Liyah. Eat up.” Jake nodded towards the plate on the bench, without looking up from his phone.

“Nope.” Liyah replied, popping a piece of gum into her mouth.

Now Jake looked up, “What do you mean no?”

“When was the last time you had a proper meal?” Liyah asked her brother.

“Just then. I had an apple.” Liyah raised an eyebrow, and Jake sighed, “Are you going to do that thing were you don’t eat until I do?”

Liyah nodded, remembering how, a few years back Jake wouldn’t eat. Liyah told him that she wouldn’t eat until he did. Jake caved in after 2 days, because he could tell the lack of food was getting to Liyah. “I’ll make you a deal,” Jake said finally. “We can share you breakfast and on the way to school, we can get hot chocolates from Big M. Okay?”

Liyah nodded and happily skipped over to the food, Jake smiled before joining her at the table. Maybe just maybe, the guys at school wouldn’t tease Jake today.


“Okay Liyah. Don’t get into too much trouble today.”

Liyah laughed loudly and Jake joined in. “How on earth could a nerd get in trouble?” Liyah wondered out loud.

But if she know what was going to happen today she would have kept her mouth shut.



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