Toddler trouble

Heroes of Olympus characters as toddlers?
What happened a when a mad God/goddess turns them all into toddlers
(Reader insert)


1. Chapter 1

It was a beautiful quiet morning at CHB and Jason, Hazel,and Frank all decided to stay there for a little while. Bees were buzzing flowers were blooming and nemesis frolicked around camp. Oh wait what! She watched the seven and Nico closely smiling at her work. All eight of them took a sip of their drinks. She cackled and waited for the potion to take affect. Suddenly the whole pavilion was filled with smoke and the wailing of little children. You called out to your friends to see if the were ok but once the smoke cleared all right of them were replaced by tiny toddlers. Nemesis came out of her hiding spot and yelled "what that potion was supposed to turn them into cod fish!" She threw her hands in the air and disappeared in a whirl of red smoke. You looked down at your friends as they all toddled over to your side. Puzzled you picked up one of the who seemed to be Nico because of the oversized skull shirt.

"Babies?" You said to yourself. Once you coxed all the kids to follow you to the big house (with the help of some other campers) you let yourself fall on the couch. Of course the all got really close and sat on and around you. You had always been exceptionally good with children but you had no clue what to think of this. Nico stood in the corner of the room looking at you as the others had passed out at your sides. You lightly patted your lap motioning for him to come and side. His long black bangs fell into his eyes as he walked very slowly over to you. You picked him up and sat the little boy on your lap and tickled him making him giggle. Chiron came in minutes later and parked his wheelchair in front of her. They discussed the predicament and how they might solve it and Chiron came to a conclusion.

"You'll have to watch them till we find a way to change them back. You are the only one qualified. They won't listen to anybody else. You will stay with them in cabin three all meals will be brought to you and you all are not to leave the cabin until further notice. Nico crossed his arms and made a pouty face as he looked up at Chiron. You sighed and looked down at the little toddlers who looked up at you and smiled.

"Fine I'll do it but only for a little while." You booped little Jason on the nose and smiled.

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