Dawn; Bloodborne series

We all have one life to live.... Whether we choose to live it or not or love ourselves or others is up to us. We all aspire to do something with that life. Maybe get married, get that dream job or having a family, and growing old to a fulfilled life. But what if that life was snuffed out before it even started? Anna had her life all planned out, high school, college, dream job, Everything. All was normal except one thing. she's been having weird hallucinations for a while, forgetting things she shouldn't be. Sometimes all that she sees is red, a lot of red. After a terrible accident, she and her brother awaken into a new life and a new name, a life she never wanted, a life she never thought possible. Everything she knows and loves thrown into the pandemonium of the supernatural and magical mayhem and bloodshed. Death seemed the only thing that remained constant around her and her brother and to keep herself sane and her love ones safe, she soon realizes that she has to fight for it.


4. Shade of Red

Morning came before I knew it without even a recollection of the previous night. I remember I got home from church and I was tired but after that everything was just hazy. More than twice that had happened to me these past few weeks. I’d wake up in my room without no clue how I got there. I thought it was the stress of school but now I’m not so sure. I would have to Mum about it soon but the one thing that made the day better was that it was my 18th birthday. The age that paves the way to some of the finer things in life. As far as anyone is concerned I'm a fully fledged adult that includes my mum but it wasn’t going how I had hoped it would go.

I had a terrible headache that threatened to split my head in two and to add to it Luke wouldn’t stop with his annoying blabbing about Isabel. I thought a cold shower would cool it off but it didn’t help one bit. I barely made it downstairs but the sight of my mum was the best mood breaker, I had no choice but pop a smile out and try to subdue the pain.

“Oh there’s my birthday girl,” mum said when she saw me coming down from the stairs. “Happy birthday, darling,” giving me a soft kiss on the cheek.

“Thanks, mum,” I said giving her a big hug and I didn’t know why I did it, just that at that moment that was all that came to my mind.

“What’s gotten into you, is it because of your birthday I get a big hug?” she asked pulling me back, staring at me with a raised eyebrow.

“I don’t know, maybe,” I quietly went over to the dining table to pick up my pancake, bacon, waffles with sliced strawberries and raspberries and whip cream breakfast deluxe. “Mum thanks for the breakfast”. I’d like to think that for some people this might a bit over the top but for me, it was the just right amount in the morning.

“It is your birthday, you deserve some special treatment,” She said, Luke came down shortly after with an upset look as usual.

“Happy birthday to you too, Luke dear,” mum had to give him a soft smile as she tilted her head a little towards him as he sat on the table.

“Baby,” I whispered to him as I took the first bite of my pancake. Watching his flaming reaction never gets old, no matter how many times I do it. For some reason, he always has the idea that everyone is always paying all the attention to me on our birthday like it’s no longer his anymore. Yeah, you heard that right, the thing is even though I have one year on him by some miracle we share the same birthday.

“Mum, please give me some human food,” he said, with a disgusted look at my breakfast as mum brought his own breakfast but I doubt if mum heard him.

“Why you little-” mum gave me one of her looks to put me down and I could see the pleased look on his face as he pretended to mind his food.

   “And you wonder why you’re still a dweeb,” I countered with a quick glance at him with mockery in my eyes

“Who still says that? We’re not in the nineties anymore,” he said in quick derisive voice. His reply was cut short by a car horn from outside our doorstep.

     “That must be Astrid, early as always,” mum began; I almost forgot that Astrid was supposed to pick me up today and I didn’t call her last night and I had no idea what to say to her.

   “Well then get going,” I said packing up my stuff as I stood up from my seat.  “See you later mum,”

   “Later DWEEB,” I picked up my bag and headed for the door. Heading towards the lime green Mercedes at my front porch.

   “Okay, start explaining,” said Astrid just as I sat in the car and shut the door.

  “Astrid, I'm so sorry for not calling I don’t know what happened, yesterday when we got back mum sent me on some errands but I don't remember much of yesterday and I don't know when I slept off until I woke up this morning,” My explanation had little effect but I didn’t want to tell her about the voices and everything else because I didn’t want to make her worry.

“Okay, since you don’t want to tell me what happened I’ll let it go for now since it’s your birthday. So how does it feel to be a licensed adult?” she asked, removing the suspicious look and replacing it with her eccentric smile.

“Well it’s been nice, I guess,” I said solemnly, I didn’t want to make her notice the throbbing going on in my head. Truthfully I really didn’t have an answer to that question.

“What are you talking about it’s your 18th birthday, if you have nothing planned for today well I do,” she sounded so excited like today was her birthday, not mine.

“Lead the way,” I said as we drove off towards school.  The high school I was attending was a very prestigious one, one of the best public high schools in the city. I hard to work twice as hard to earn a scholarship since I didn’t want to be a burden to Mum who has her hands full taking care of Luke’s health issues. As we approach the school I couldn’t help to admire the school entrance everything time.

 It was a rather large school, it had standard eighteenth-century foundations and coated pillars for the entrance. The whole school was about one acre of land. There was a huge area garden at the back of the buildings and spacious courtyard. There are a lot of sport and physical club spaces in the school sometimes it makes you think you were going to a sports institute, not that I’m complaining. Though there was another smaller high school, only this one gave the possibility of getting better colleges across the world.

        While my mind drifted off I didn’t notice when I bumped into someone on the entrance stairs. I had to look up to see him clearly because he was so tall. He brushed past me so fast that the only thing I caught was a shade of red just for a second before he walked away. I watched him as he walked off. The only thing playing in my head was what I thought was red eyes that resembled the ones I saw somewhere but couldn’t remember where.

“What a jerk,” said Astrid; she’d only caught when he brushed past me and already started calling him names.

“It’s fine Astrid, I bumped into him first,” I started, removing my eyes from him and walking inside. My mind was constantly replaying the image of his eyes, even when I got to class and settled down in my seat I couldn’t get it out of my head. And to add to it the perfume of the girl sitting in front of me was making me extremely nauseous not to mention the clicking sound someone was making with their tongue was driving me insane.

By the time the homeroom teacher came in I had to force myself to focus on the teacher in order to block out everything else. The first class was English and Miss Williams was a sluggish in her speech as ever, which irritated me than usual. The next few classes were okay as I was able to subdue the pain a little. But when it was the last class before break, something triggered my headache only, this time, it was amplified, my head felt like it was about to explode. I felt feverish all over and my lips were trembling. Cold sweat practically covered my body by that time and I was having an impossible time to focus on Mr Brown.

All I was hearing was tapping, clicking, thumping and the screeching of the chalk everything he wrote on the broad. I’m sure I freak anyone out with the way I looked at that moment but thankfully no one paid me no mind all around. When I couldn’t take it anymore I had to take an excuse from the teacher to the sickbay, it wasn’t even up to twenty minutes after the class started.

     After walking for what could have been an excruciatingly long time I ran into Hunter in the hallway. I was surprised to see him but I didn’t have the time to chat, all I wanted at that moment was a bed. He stopped me realising my sluggard movements.

“Anna, are you alright?” he asked looking at me with utmost concern, holding my waist when it looked like I would fall.

“I'm fine, Hunter, just going to the sickbay,” I tried to raise my head to look at him but any sudden movement would double the pain.

“How? You look terrible, let me take you there,” he said grabbing hold of my arm.

“I'm fine! I'm fine, really, I can get there by myself…” I said removing his hands. For some reason, I never liked Hunter or anyone for that matter seeing me weak or helpless and he knew that but still pressured on. I had to hold a strong face for him to let me go,

“Thanks,” I said softly. It wasn’t long however after I left him that the consequences of my last action revealed itself. My vision began to blur out and I could feel the strength in my legs leaving me. It wasn’t long before I couldn’t walk anymore and my legs finally gave out and I was falling. But all of a sudden it felt like someone caught me but I couldn’t see his face because everything was blurred. All I could see was a small faint red light. That familiar shade of red.

“Man, you’re a hand full,” I heard someone say and my eyes closed shut.

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