Dawn; Bloodborne series

We all have one life to live.... Whether we choose to live it or not or love ourselves or others is up to us. We all aspire to do something with that life. Maybe get married, get that dream job or having a family, and growing old to a fulfilled life. But what if that life was snuffed out before it even started? Anna had her life all planned out, high school, college, dream job, Everything. All was normal except one thing. she's been having weird hallucinations for a while, forgetting things she shouldn't be. Sometimes all that she sees is red, a lot of red. After a terrible accident, she and her brother awaken into a new life and a new name, a life she never wanted, a life she never thought possible. Everything she knows and loves thrown into the pandemonium of the supernatural and magical mayhem and bloodshed. Death seemed the only thing that remained constant around her and her brother and to keep herself sane and her love ones safe, she soon realizes that she has to fight for it.


1. prologue


      How it burns, how it destroys, how it consumes anything and everything in its path. It appears gentle and harmless but it quickly reveals its fangs of destruction as soon as it let free. The ever present black veil at surrounds it that chokes warns you of its presence but also drowns the life from you before the fire could get you. Before it consumes you, before it erases you from existence like it does normally. 

Today that flame comes to visit me, to erase me from the world. To erase the Anna Abani from the records. Today the flames burn to devour everything that once mine, everything that belonged to Anna is gone. 

I watch as the flames dance in the wind, its orange-red radiance illuminated by the sun almost made me believe that it was beautiful. But the charred odour that filled air was the one thing that slapped me back into reality. The butterflies in my stomach did their march, twisting my insides as they went. My chest felt heavy and my throat felt dry but I didn't cry.

I couldn't cry.

I couldn't cry for someone that didn't exist in the first place.  My eyes dry and stable as I watched my former life fade away with the flames. 

I felt a tap on my shoulders and that was a cue for me to end my mourning for Anna and signaled the dawn of my life as Nikita.

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