Dawn; Bloodborne series

We all have one life to live.... Whether we choose to live it or not or love ourselves or others is up to us. We all aspire to do something with that life. Maybe get married, get that dream job or having a family, and growing old to a fulfilled life. But what if that life was snuffed out before it even started? Anna had her life all planned out, high school, college, dream job, Everything. All was normal except one thing. she's been having weird hallucinations for a while, forgetting things she shouldn't be. Sometimes all that she sees is red, a lot of red. After a terrible accident, she and her brother awaken into a new life and a new name, a life she never wanted, a life she never thought possible. Everything she knows and loves thrown into the pandemonium of the supernatural and magical mayhem and bloodshed. Death seemed the only thing that remained constant around her and her brother and to keep herself sane and her love ones safe, she soon realizes that she has to fight for it.


5. Dreams

By the time I regained consciousness I was walking in a dark musky forest in the middle of nowhere. I didn’t know how I got there or even where I was, nothing here felt familiar to me. It didn’t look like any of the woods I knew and when I looked up the moon, it was dripping red. Stuck right in the middle of the sky and not at an angle. The white dripping from it was almost as if it was crying. Looking forward there was a thick fog all around me, it was almost impossible to what was in front of me. I searched for an exit but couldn’t find one and tried to call out to anyone but I couldn’t even hear my own voice. I couldn’t hear anything. I was in the woods but I couldn’t hear any animals, crickets or even the wind.

Then the fog cleared and I saw someone in the distance. I ran towards her as fast as I could but no matter how long or how fast I ran I couldn’t get even close to her. I stopped to catch my breath and when I rose my head to start again I couldn’t see her anymore. I looked everywhere but there was no sign of her. I was getting scared now, I could feel my heart beating ever faster.  

After I looked forward again, I saw her. Only this time just a few steps ahead of me, standing in front of a tree. I walked up to her, called out to her but got no response so I stopped at in front of her. What I saw was someone who looked just like me, tied in chains against the trees with blood stains all over her body. As soon as my eyes fell on her the whole area changed in an instant. The forest transformed into a dark dungeon-like chamber. The walls were old and cracked and looked like it could fall at any moment.

The trees now looked like old columns embedded into the walls and the floor was full of something that looked like seaweed but smelt much worse. The air was very damp and humid, it was hard to breathe. The chains on her were spiky and had some kind of inscription on it, it wrapped around her body like cloth and it stretched for miles into the columns.

Her body looked like it was molted into the wall with only her head, hands, and feet not turned to stone. She was pale with scars, cuts, and bruises all over her thin frail body, her body looked sickly and dehydrated. She rose her head to look at me slowly, her wild violet blue sapphire eyes cupped in those saggy dried up eye sockets engulfed me.

It felt like something was howling at me from inside my mind and whispered into my ear, “one blood to rule us, one blood to binds us all,” those words kept repeating in my head. Causing patches of images to begin to flow into my mind; those red eyes and that guy from the restaurant and red, so much of it, also a place I had never seen before and a road. When I came back to myself, the girl sneered at me. Her hands were no more bound.

“Time’s up,” she said, grabbing my throat with such strength I have never felt and I awoke, short of breath, sweating and gripping my bed. I fell back my bed right after I realized I was safe. My vision slowly cleared, I saw Astrid and Hunter sitting next to my bed looking horror-stricken. My eyes then moved to someone I didn’t recognize at the entrance of the room, opposite my bed. I sat up to get a clear view of who it was. My breath seized when I saw the guy with same red eyes as the ones in my dreams sitting there staring at me.

“What is he doing here?” I asked with a sharp, alarmed voice. My eyes couldn’t stop staring at him with terror.

“Anna, he’s the one that found you and brought you here when you collapsed,” replied Astrid confused at my sudden attitude. With a brief glance, he sighed and got up and walked to the door without a word. He stopped when he opened the door and tilted his head towards the back, I caught a glimpse of what looked like concerned eyes before he left the room. I could feel fear that whelmed up inside of me before completely disappear and I couldn’t help but feel this familiar feeling from him. Who the hell is he? I thought.

“Never mind him what happened? When Hunter told me you had collapsed and I rushed over,” Astrid drew my attention from the door to them and I realized there were two people who desired answers that didn’t think I had. I didn’t even have time to reply before Hunter interrupted.

“I thought you said you were fine…” he said solemnly but I could feel the rage in his tone.

“I’m fine-”

“-Then why were you lying here unconscious for two hours?! The school nurse said that you had a seizure, it was a miracle you recovered so fast!” he started to raise his voice slowly until the last comment but I couldn’t say anything that wouldn’t make things worse so I faced away and kept quiet.

  “Another one of my unanswerable questions, huh. I need some air…” he said barging out with his last statement, slamming the door behind him.

  “Anna…” Astrid began

  “-I know he’s just worried but I don't know what to say to him.”

  “He’s just worried about you just as I am…” she drew closer and patted my shoulder softly and continued. “…I did say I’d let you go since it’s your birthday but you can’t keep us in the dark forever. After your birthday I'm getting my answers.” She said, embracing me in a tight hug.

“Are you still going to take classes?”

“No, I’ll stay for a while,”

“The nurse said that it may have been the stress of work and school so you might want to cut down on your hours at Andre’s,” She gave me a weak smile before she stood up and left. Even as she left I just couldn’t say anything. I was hurting my two closest friends without even knowing it.

“Just so you know I feel the same way Hunter does right now,” she whispered barely audible before leaving the room. I felt horrible for keeping them in the dark but right now I didn’t even know what is wrong with me to explain. I stretched my hands out to my face but what I could see was some red gooey fluid on my hands. I knew it wasn’t real but it wouldn’t still go away even with that knowledge, I curled myself up and shut my eyes trying to bring back reality. I didn’t even realize when I dozed off but I could still hear faint voices from somewhere but I didn’t know where they were coming from. I could recognize Astrid and Hunter’s voice from the noise.

“Hunter you know her as well as I do, she likes to solve all her problems by herself and never bothers to ask others for help,” said the voice that sounded like Astrid.

“I know, of course, I know, but I just hate to stand there and to do nothing while she suffers by herself…I hate being useless!” said the other voice that sounded like Hunter.

“You and me both, but we both know we that we can’t force her to tell us all we can do is continue to support her and hope she will eventually tell us,” I don’t know how but I could feel sadness and frustration from Astrid and anger and self-loathing from Hunter. Coupled with the feelings I had inside it made hot tears flow from my eyes down my cheeks to the bed. Just faintly I could feel someone else but the vibe I got from him was very faint, it was like he was there but at the same time wasn’t. There was this strong feeling of anxiety from him. I fell into deep sleep again soon after.

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