Dawn; Bloodborne series

We all have one life to live.... Whether we choose to live it or not or love ourselves or others is up to us. We all aspire to do something with that life. Maybe get married, get that dream job or having a family, and growing old to a fulfilled life. But what if that life was snuffed out before it even started? Anna had her life all planned out, high school, college, dream job, Everything. All was normal except one thing. she's been having weird hallucinations for a while, forgetting things she shouldn't be. Sometimes all that she sees is red, a lot of red. After a terrible accident, she and her brother awaken into a new life and a new name, a life she never wanted, a life she never thought possible. Everything she knows and loves thrown into the pandemonium of the supernatural and magical mayhem and bloodshed. Death seemed the only thing that remained constant around her and her brother and to keep herself sane and her love ones safe, she soon realizes that she has to fight for it.


3. An uneasy feeling

The next morning was an early rise again, it was Sunday and I had to go to church. One of Mum's absolute laws, there was no buts when it came to this. I had no problem with it I rather enjoyed it but Luke, on the other hand, was another question. Though we may be siblings there is nothing we have in common, I always thought to myself. He'd always try to find an excuse to stay behind and fail every single time.

"You know it's never gonna happen why do you even try," I said looking over with a satisfied stare.

"Oh shut up," he said grumbling his way to the bathroom, even after his whole facade, he still came with us. No doubt because of fear of the consequences that awaited if he didn’t.

We got there late because of Luke and had to seat at the back of the congregation. Before we got to our seats, I got a glimpse of Astrid and her family in the front rows.  I couldn’t wave without drawing attention to myself so I opted to wait till the end of the service. After a couple of minutes after we took our seats I noticed that Luke’s expression took a dramatic turn. I took a closer look and saw that it was because of a girl seating across from us in another row. She was quite the looker, her glowing beauty I'm sure it didn't go unnoticed by any guy or girl here. Her flawless features are what got my attention; her shiny olive brown skin and pink lips go without question alluring, her slender yet full figure and her long brunette hair were one of the things outstanding. But I didn't recognize her from town, she must be new.

"Why don't you man up and go talk to her," I whispered to him, teasing him would be fun just in knowing he would never have the guts to talk to her.

"Wha-what are you talking about service is still on!" he said quickly. Seeing him all flustered is always fun every time.

"If you keep staring at her without talking she's gonna think you're a weirdo,"

"Are you serious?"

"Got ya, see you do like her,"

"Yeah whatever, there's no way she'd agree to talk to me,"

"You never know," I said jokingly. “But you know you’re meant to listening right?” I went back to listening to what the preacher was saying, unlike him I wasn't going spend my time in church checking out a girl. After the service had ended Luke still had cold feet and chickening out of it as usual but as surprising as it was she went through the pack of boys that surrounded her and made her way here, to me to be precise.

"You must be Anna Abani," she said, looking at me with such hilarity and solemn at the same time with her big grey eyes.

"Yeah..." said I, a little taken aback.

"I heard so many things about you and I've always wanted to meet you," she said flashing a bright smile. I couldn’t help but feel weirded out by her, she might mean bad but she didn’t sit well with me. Plus where did she hear all those things about me?

"Okay... have you met my brother, Luke?" I said, quickly changing the awkward attention from me to Luke, who I knew has been dying for it.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Luke," he said before he realized he just introduced himself twice. He was visibly sweating, I had to hold myself back from laughing seeing how nervous he was.

"Nice to meet you too Luke, I'm Isabel," she said, flashing a half crooked smile at him. I'm sure that would add to the many things he would soon gravel about. I snuck away the minute the conversation started before they even knew it. I wasn’t going to stay there for that awkward conversation.

I walked to the car to wait for them; I glanced over to Luke and saw that Isabel was still there which meant things were going well. With his small stature and weak physique conversations with girls were usually short and ended with them walking out. I searched the crowd for mum and I saw her by the door of the chapel talking to Bradley, her friend. She had known him for close to six years now, he was always there to help and support us when we needed it.

I know he was ready to take it the next level but his was waiting for mum to give her green light. If it was him I wouldn't mind and I'm sure Luke wouldn't too. I've watched for years as she took care of us, even working two jobs and still made it home to tuck us into bed amazingly and read us bedtime stories all without a man to support her. All I want is her happiness and nothing else.

All of sudden I felt that uneasy wind breeze through my shoulders and I heard a slight whisper of my name. The whisper soon became louder and closer, soon it was like someone was speaking directly into my ear. I instinctively turned to see who it was and just like that the whole scenery changed. It was like I was in the same place but everything else was gone; the cars, the people even the birds, nothing but the sound of the wind. I called out to everyone but no one answered. suddenly I felt a shadow emerged from the woods behind of me, I couldn't see his face but only his crimson eyes drawing nearer to me at an alarming rate and the darkness nearly engulfing me. Then I felt a sudden tap on my shoulder and as I turned I saw Astrid.

"Anna, are you alright?" she asked worriedly as she could see the terror in my eyes. I looked round, everything was normal; mum was still talking to Bradley and Luke was still with Isabel.

"I'm fine... I'm fine..." I couldn't keep the confusion in my voice or my face at bay; I held my face trying to get a grip on myself. It felt like a whole twenty minutes had passed but looked like it was only a few seconds. My hands were trembling furiously and my eyes were in a daze.

"Anna, Anna!" She called, shaking my shoulders gently trying to bring me back to my senses. "What happened?" I finally noticed Astrid who stood in front of me looking confused and worried.

"I'm alright now... Astrid, it's nothing..." I managed to say with my shortage of breath.

"You're kidding me right, what's with that face you just had on," she almost wanted to explode with questions but luckily mum and Luke were already on their way and stopped her from drilling me.

"What's going on? Is everything alright?" mum asked as she approached us and noticed the thick atmosphere between us.

"It's fine!" I said quickly before Astrid had the chance to say anything. "Everything is fine," she looked at me with narrowed eyes but said nothing and went with it.

"How'd it go?" I asked, trying to divert my attention from Astrid's inquiring stare.

"Great! I even got her number," said Luke with a smile that could tear his face into two.

"Good for you," I murmured out, entering the car. Part of me was truly happy for him because this was a huge step for him but the rest of me was just too restless to care. I could only show a faint smile for him. Astrid's stare didn't stop even after I entered the car, I could see that she was speechless and in a bad way. I waved her an apologetic smile and call you later sign as we drove off.

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