Reigisa:The Ship That Sails Itself

This story follows Rei and Nagisa's relationship, their feelings,and all their awkward situations!

A Reigisa Drabble~Extremely fluffy,may get a lil smutty(insert suggestive wink here).Hopefully it will get a good amount of chapters


4. Girls,Love,Etc.#2

Rei had always been introverted.Whether it be girls or boys,he just wasn't overly social. Throughout his younger years,he had had some casual acquaintances that he would pair up with for activities and such,but had never had solid friendships.As for crushes,he did not develop an interest in love until his mid teens. Dear lord,when he first experienced what we would consider love,he thought he had some sort of illness when he stood beside a particular friend!Heart palpitations,quickness in breathing,odd feelings in the stomach,face reddening...And why should he consider these feelings romantic?!After all,he had no idea he could even be in love,let alone be gay for his best friend,who shall not be named for reasons of privacy and since it is painfully obvious.

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